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flyer englannista suomeksi

  1. lentolehtinen, mainosjuliste, lennäkki

  2. ilmailija, lentäjä

  3. lentomatkustaja

  1. Substantiivi

  2. lentolehtinen, lennäkki, mainoslehtinen, joukkokirje

  3. lyhty, siipi

  4. tukikaari

  5. nousija

  6. suora porras">suora porras

  7. naaraskenguru">naaraskenguru

  8. loikka

  9. Verbi

flyer englanniksi

  1. That which flies, as a bird or insect.

  2. A machine that flies.

  3. An airplane pilot.

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  5. A person who travels by airplane.

  6. A leaflet, often for advertising.

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  8. The part of a spinning machine that twists the thread as it takes it to and winds it on the bobbin

  9. An arch that connects a buttress into the structure it supports.

  10. A person who is lifted and/or thrown by another person or persons.

  11. A stray shot away from the group on a target.

  12. A standard rectangular step of a staircase (as opposed to a winder).

  13. A female kangaroo; a roo; a doe; a jill.

  14. A leap or jump.

  15. A risky investment or other venture.

  16. A fast-moving person or thing.

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  18. A (l)

  19. To distribute flyers (leaflets).

  20. (quote-book)

  21. To distribute flyers in (a location) or to (recipients).

  22. (l) (leaflet)