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leap englannista suomeksi

  1. hypätä, loikata

  2. hyppy, hyppäys

  3. hyppäyttää

  4. harppaus

  1. loikata, hypätä, ponnahtaa

  2. hyppy, loikka

  3. hyppy, hyppäys

leap englanniksi

  1. To jump.

  2. (circa) anonymous, ''Merlin''

  3. It is grete nede a man to go bak to recouer the better his leep
  4. 1600, anonymous, ''The wisdome of Doctor Dodypoll'', act 4

  5. I, I defie thee: wert not thou next him when he leapt into the Riuer?
  6. 1783, Blair|Hugh Blair, from the “Illiad” in ''Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres'', lecture 4, page 65

  7. Th’ infernal monarch rear’d his horrid head, Leapt from his throne, lest Neptune’s arm should lay His dark dominions open to the day.
  8. 1999, Ai, ''Vice: New & Selected Poems'', page 78

  9. It is better to leap into the void.
  10. To pass over by a leap or jump.

  11. (ux)

  12. To copulate with (a female beast)

  13. To copulate with (a human)

  14. (RQ:BFCT)

  15. go leap her, and engender young devilings
  16. To cause to leap.

  17. The act of leaping or jumping.

  18. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables)

  19. 1877, Henry Sweet, ''A Handbook of Phonetics''(attention)

  20. Changes of tone may proceed either by leaps or glides.
  21. The distance traversed by a leap or jump.

  22. A group of leopards.

  23. (quote-book)

  24. A significant move forward.

  25. 1969 July 20, Armstrong|Neil Armstrong, as he became the first man to step on the moon

  26. That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
  27. A large step in reasoning, often one that is not justified by the facts.

  28. ''It's quite a leap to claim that those cloud formations are evidence of UFOs.''

  29. A fault.

  30. Copulation with, or coverture of, a female beast.

  31. 1865, ''British Farmer's Magazine'' (issue 48, page 8)

  32. Much difference of opinion exists as to the number of bullings a cow should receive. Here, I think, good judgment should be used. If the bull is cool and quiet, and some time has intervened since he had his last cow, one good leap is better than more (..)
  33. A passing from one note to another by an interval, especially by a long one, or by one including several other intermediate intervals.

  34. A ladder.

  35. Intercalary, bissextile.

  36. A basket.

  37. (rfquotek)

  38. A trap or snare for fish, made from twigs; a weely.

  39. Half a bushel.