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beast englannista suomeksi

  1. barbaari, hirviö, peto

  2. elukka

  1. Substantiivi

  2. elukka; peto

  3. elukka

  4. hirviö, peto; moukka

  5. monsteri

  6. hirviö

  7. otus, kummajainen

  8. Verbi

beast englanniksi

  1. Any animal other than a human; usually only applied to land vertebrates, especially large or dangerous four-footed ones.

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  3. (more specific) A domestic animal, especially a bovine farm animal.

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  5. Boxer was an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as any two ordinary horses put together.
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  7. A person who behaves in a violent, antisocial or uncivilized manner.

  8. Anything regarded as larger or more powerful than one of its normal size or strength.

  9. ''That is a beast of a stadium.''

    ''The subwoofer that comes with this set of speakers is a beast.''

  10. Someone who is particularly impressive, especially athletically or physically.

  11. A offender.

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  13. Shouts had been heard: 'We're coming to kill you, beasts.' In desperation, Rule 43s had tried to barricade their doors(..)
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  15. Something unpleasant and difficult.

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  17. () Even unopposed, the natural obstacles are formidable, and defending his line of advance will be a beast of a problem."
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  19. He'd be in the hospital a few days — broken collarbone, a cast on his arm, a beast of a headache — but fine.
  20. A thing or matter, especially a difficult or unruly one.

  21. to impose arduous exercises, either as training or as punishment.

  22. great; excellent; powerful

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  24. There is another type from Siemens which is the HYB 39S64XXX(AT/ATL) -8B version (notice the "B" and the end) which is totally beast altogether.
  25. (alternative form of)

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