suomi-englanti sanakirja

lant englanniksi

  1. Aged urine.

  2. To flavor (ale) with aged urine.

  3. (obsolete form of) (the card game)

  4. (rfquotek)

  5. Any of several species of slender marine fishes of the genus ''Ammodytes''. The common European species ((taxlink)) and the American species ((taxlink)) live on sandy shores, buried in the sand, and are caught in large quantities for bait.

  6. land

  7. country, nation

  8. zebu ((taxlink))

  9. lute

  10. (dry) land

  11. (piece of) land

  12. country, region

  13. ground, earth

  14. country

  15. land (as opposed to water)

  16. land, terrain

  17. territory