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wire englannista suomeksi

  1. metallilanka, rautalanka

  2. pujottaa, ripustaa

  3. sähköistää

  4. johdottaa

  5. maaliviiva, maalinauha

  6. sähköjohto

  7. kiinnittää metallilangalla

  8. sähköttää

  9. sähke

  1. Substantiivi

  2. lanka, metallilanka

  3. sähköjohto, johdin

  4. piikkilanka-aita">piikkilanka-aita

  5. maalinauha

  6. Verbi

  7. sitoa

  8. pujottaa

  9. johdottaa

  10. kytkeä

wire englanniksi

  1. Metal formed into a thin, even thread, now usually by being drawn through a hole in a steel die.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. A piece of such material; a thread or slender rod of metal, a cable.

  4. A metal conductor that carries electricity.

  5. A fence made of usually barbed wire.

  6. A finish line of a racetrack.

  7. A telecommunication wire or cable.

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  9. An electric telegraph; a telegram.

  10. A hidden listening device on the person of an undercover operative for the purposes of obtaining incriminating spoken evidence.

  11. A deadline or critical endpoint.

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  13. A wire strung with beads and hung horizontally above or near the table which is used to keep score.

  14. Any of the system of wires used to operate the puppets in a puppet show; hence, the network of hidden influences controlling the action of a person or organization; strings.

  15. ''to pull the wires for office''

  16. A pickpocket, especially one who targets women.

  17. A covert signal sent between people cheating in a game.

  18. A needle.

  19. The slender shaft of the plumage of certain birds.

  20. To fasten with wire, especially with reference to wine bottles, corks, or fencing.

  21. 1934, Stout|Rex Stout, Fer-de-Lance (book)|''Fer-de-Lance'', 1992 Books|Bantam edition, (ISBN), page 222:

  22. I could see him in his plane flying low over the river or a reservoir, dropping the club out with a chunk of lead wired to the shaft.
  23. To string on a wire.

  24. To equip with wires for use with electricity.

  25. ''Do you know how to wire a plug?''

  26. To connect, embed, incorporate, or include (something) into (something else) by or as if by wires:

  27. To add (something) into a system (especially an electrical system) by means of wiring.

  28. ''I'll just wire your camera to the computer screen.''

  29. To add or connect (something) into a system as if with wires (for example, with nerves).

  30. To connect, involve or embed (something) deeply or intimately into (something else, such as an organization or political scene), so that it is (l) or has insinuated itself into (the thing).

  31. 1999, Teddi Chichester Bonca, Teddi Lynn Chichester, ''Shelley's Mirrors of Love: Narcissism, Sacrifice, and Sorority'', SUNY Press ((ISBN)), page 186:

  32. Like the fledgling scientist who tried to wire himself into the sisterly circle at Field Place, Prometheus joins the electric circuit formed by his "Fair sister nymphs," Panthea, Asia, ...
  33. 2000, Joan D'Arc, ''Phenomenal World: Remote Viewing, Astral Travel, Apparitions, Extraterrestrials, Lucid Dreams and Other Forms of Intelligent Contact in the Magical Kingdom of Mind-at-Large'', Book Tree ((ISBN)), page 154:

  34. ... and quite handy indeed that they also saw fit to wire themselves into the social problem that they had a major hand in creating in the first place. This almost blatant orchestration of social conflict is just a ladle in the soup of ...
  35. 2006, John F. Stacks, ''Scotty: James B. Reston and the Rise and Fall of American Journalism'', U of Nebraska Press ((ISBN)), page 102:

  36. RESTON MOVED QUICKLY to parlay his new prominence by wiring himself into high-level Washington sources, and not just Republicans like Vandenberg.
  37. 2007, Michael G. Santos, ''Inside: Life Behind Bars in America'', St. Martin's Press ((ISBN)), page 132:

  38. Working together with a highly-respected and well-connected gang leader like Lion reduces the risk of detection. Such men wire themselves into the happenings of the pen; they know who can pay how much, and they have finely tuned instincts for the rackets they control. The Nelsons work as a husband-and-wife team, which makes escaping detection easier.
  39. 2010, John Martin Somers, ''Pick Your Own Strawberries'', Lulu.com ((ISBN)), page 276:

  40. The remainder of the Inn Crowd started to wire themselves into the session. Frank, who was almost always the first to get pissed, was practically gone already, delighted with his career and with his life and determined to drink (..)
  41. 2013, John Rentoul, ''Tony Blair: Prime Minister'', Faber & Faber ((ISBN))

  42. Blair brought out the febrile intensity of Stanhope, wiring himself into his ever more circumscribed troglodyte world, speculating moodily on the worm that went down when it thought it was coming up. Robert Philp thought Blair&39;s ...
  43. 2014, Helen Giltrow, ''The Distance: A Thriller'', Anchor ((ISBN))

  44. A week, and most of it spent inside the compound, but already he&39;s begun to wire himself into the environment, read its codes. The pecking order and the power struggles and the personalities. The fixers and the operators, ...
  45. 2018, Robin Brunet, ''Let's Get Frank'', Douglas & McIntyre ((ISBN))

  46. He has always done this, having a good system for wiring himself in to the daily action and buzz of what&39;s going on with clients and the business in general. He also has a pretty good nose for figuring out who the key influencers are, (..)
  47. 2019, Frank H Baker, Mason Miller, ''Stud Managers' Handbook'', CRC Press ((ISBN))

  48. All that determines the amount that livestock producers receive is the degree to which they wire themselves into the various sources that are available. However, the primary source is still the land-grant-university system.
  49. To set or predetermine (someone's personality or behaviour, or an organization's culture) in a particular way.

  50. ''There's no use trying to get Sarah to be less excitable. That's just the way she's wired.''

  51. {{quote-book|en|date=2013-03-01|author=Jay Payleitner|title=52 Things Daughters Need from Their Dads: What Fathers Can Do to Build a Lasting Relationship|publisher=Harvest House Publishers|isbn=9780736948111|page=132

  52. To send a message or monetary funds to another person through a telecommunications system, formerly predominantly by telegraph.

  53. To make someone tense or psyched up. ''See also adjective wired.''

  54. To install eavesdropping equipment.

  55. To snare by means of a wire or wires.

  56. To place (a ball) so that the wire of a wicket prevents a successful shot.

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  58. water, water

  59. river, stream

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