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garden englannista suomeksi

  1. kasvimaa

  2. puutarhan ja kasvimaan kasvit

  3. puutarha

  4. hoitaa puutarhaa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. puutarha

  3. kasvimaa

  4. puutarha, puisto

  5. Verbi

  6. hoitaa puutarhaa

garden englanniksi

  1. An outdoor area containing one or more types of plants, usually plants grown for food or ornamental purposes.

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  3. Such an ornamental place to which the public have access.

  4. Taking place in, or used in, such a garden.

  5. (RQ:Chrsty Atbgrfy)

  6. The garden parties of pre-1914 were something to be remembered. Everyone was dressed up to the nines, high-heeled shoes, muslin frocks with blue sashes, large leghorn hats with drooping roses. There were lovely ices(..)with every kind of cream cake, of sandwich, of éclair, and peaches, muscat grapes, and nectarines.
  7. The grounds at the front or back of a house.

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  9. The twentieth Lenormand card.

  10. A cluster; a bunch.

  11. 1965: Charles McDowell, ''Campaign Fever: The National Folk Festival, from New Hampshire to November, 1964'', page 11 (Morrow)

  12. Behind the tangled garden of microphones that had sprouted on the lectern, Goldwater spoke softly and casually about his family.
  13. hair|Pubic hair or the genitalia it masks.

  14. 1995, Lee Tyler, ''Biblical Sexual Morality and What About Pornography?'' viewed at on 9 May 2006

  15. Blow on my garden of her genitalia, so the spices of it may flow out. Let my Beloved come into His garden pubic area and eat His pleasant fruits.
  16. ''N.B. From a commentary on Song of Solomon 4:16, which was written in Hebrew c. 950 BC; book footnotes are shown here within brackets. Many scholars disagree with this Biblical interpretation, which is included as evidence of the word's usage in 1995 rather than its intended meaning in 950 BC.''

  17. (circa) Hair Care Down There, Inc, ''The History of Hair Removal'' viewed at on 9 May 2006 -

  18. Primping and pruning the secret garden might seem like a totally 21st century concept, but the fact is women have gotten into below-the-belt grooming since before the Bronze Age.
  19. to grow plants in a garden; to create or maintain a garden.

  20. (syn) (qualifier)

    ''I love to garden — this year I'm going to plant some daffodils.''

  21. Of a batsman, to inspect and tap the pitch lightly with the bat so as to smooth out small rough patches and irregularities.

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  23. Common, ordinary, domesticated.

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  25. to make or turn into a (l)

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