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plate englannista suomeksi

  1. planssi, värikuvasivu

  2. annos

  3. laatta, tektoninen laatta

  4. päällystää

  5. levy

  6. rintapaisti

  7. anodi

  8. hammasproteesi

  9. lautasellinen

  10. lautanen

  11. valokuvauslevy

  12. kolehtilautanen

  1. lautanen

  2. lautaset (monikko)

  3. lautasellinen

  4. ruokalaji

  5. työlista

  6. levy, laatta

  7. kilpi

  8. päällyste, pinta, pinnoite

  9. pinnoitettu materiaali">pinnoitettu materiaali

  10. hopeoitu astia">hopeoitu astia dish, hopeoitu esine">hopeoitu esine other object

  11. levy

  12. painolaatta, laatta, painolevy

  13. planssi

  14. hammasproteesin pohjalevy

  15. laatta

  16. haarniska

  17. suomu

  18. anodi

  19. hopearaha

  20. lipunkirjoitusoikeus

  21. kilpi">VIN-kilpi

  22. ravikenkä

  23. turkislevy

  24. levy; lätty slang

  25. päällystää, pinnoittaa

  26. nuolla

  27. tehdä juoksu">tehdä juoksu

  28. Substantiivi

  29. Verbi

plate englanniksi

  1. A slightly curved but almost flat dish from which food is served or eaten.

  2. ''I filled my plate from the bountiful table.''

  3. Such dishes collectively.

  4. The contents of such a dish.

  5. ''I ate a plate of beans.''

  6. A course at a meal.

  7. ''The meat plate was particularly tasty.''

  8. An agenda of tasks, problems, or responsibilities

  9. ''With revenues down and transfer payments up, the legislature has a full plate.''

  10. A flat metallic object of uniform thickness.

  11. ''A clutch usually has two plates.''

  12. A vehicle plate.

  13. ''He stole a car and changed the plates as soon as he could.''

  14. A taxi permit, especially of a metal disc.

  15. A layer of a material on the surface of something, usually qualified by the type of the material; plating

  16. ''The bullets just bounced off the steel plate on its hull''.

  17. A material covered with such a layer.

  18. ''If you're not careful, someone will sell you silverware that's really only silver plate''.

  19. A decorative or food service item coated with silver or gold.

  20. ''The tea was served in the plate.''

  21. A weighted disk, usually of metal, with a hole in the center for use with a barbell, dumbbell, or exercise machine.

  22. An engraved surface used to transfer an image to paper.

  23. ''We finished making the plates this morning.''

  24. An image or copy.

  25. An illustration in a book, either black and white, or colour, usually on a page of paper of different quality from the text pages.

  26. A shaped and fitted surface, usually ceramic or metal that fits into the mouth and in which teeth are implanted; a plate.

  27. A horizontal framing member at the top or bottom of a group of vertical studs.

  28. A foot, from "''plates'' of meat".

  29. ''Sit down and give your plates a rest.''

  30. plate|Home plate.

  31. ''There was a close play at the plate.''

  32. A plate.

  33. armour|Plate armour.

  34. ''He was confronted by two knights in full plate.''

  35. 1590, (w), ''(w)'', London: William Ponsonbie, Book 2, Canto 5, p.(nbs)248,

  36. He hewd, and lasht, and foynd, and thondred blowes,
    And euery way did seeke into his life,
    Ne plate, ne male could ward so mighty throwes,
    But yeilded passage to his cruell knife.
  37. 1667, (w), ''(w)'', Book 6, lines 366-368,

  38. Two potent Thrones, that to be less then Gods
    Disdain’d, but meaner thoughts learnd in thir flight,
    Mangl’d with gastly wounds through Plate and Maile.
  39. Any of various larger scales found in some reptiles.

  40. A flat electrode such as can be found in an accumulator battery, or in an electrolysis tank.

  41. The anode of a tube.

  42. ''Regulating the oscillator plate voltage greatly improves the keying.''

  43. Silver or gold, in the form of a coin, or less often silver or gold utensils or dishes (from (der)).

  44. (circa) (w), ''(w)'', Act V, Scene(nbs)2,

  45. (..) realms and islands were
    As plates dropp’d from his pocket.
  46. A roundel of silver or tinctured argent.

  47. A prize given to the winner in a contest.

  48. Any flat piece of material such as coated glass or plastic.

  49. A metallic card, used to imprint tickets with an airline's logo, name, and numeric code.

  50. The ability of a travel agent to issue tickets on behalf of a particular airline.

  51. A VIN plate, particularly with regard to the car's year of manufacture.

  52. One of the thin parts of the brisket of an animal.

  53. A very light steel horseshoe for racehorses.

  54. Skins for fur linings of garments, sewn together and roughly shaped, but not finally cut or fitted.

  55. The fine nap (as of beaver, musquash, etc.) on a hat whose body is made from inferior material.

  56. A record, usually vinyl.

  57. To cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material, usually a metal.

  58. ''This ring is plated with a thin layer of gold.''

  59. To place the various elements of a meal on the diner's plate prior to serving.

  60. ''After preparation, the chef will plate the dish.''

  61. To score a run.

  62. ''The single plated the runner from second base.''

  63. To arm or defend with metal plates.

  64. To beat into thin plates.

  65. To specify which airline a ticket will be issued on behalf of.

  66. ''Tickets are normally plated on an itinerary's first international airline.''

  67. to categorise stamps based on their position on the original sheet, in order to reconstruct an entire sheet.

  68. (particularly with early British stamps) to identify the printing plate used.

  69. Precious metal, especially silver.

  70. (quote-book)

  71. (RQ:Peake Gormenghas)

  72. At the northern extremity of this chill province the gold plate of the Groans, pranked across the shining black of the long table, smoulders as though it contains fire(..)
  73. (feminine singular of)

  74. Very small flat boat.

  75. Annoyingly boring.

  76. Troublesome.

  77. plate

  78. table-leaf

  79. record

  80. disc

  81. board

  82. card

  83. circuit board

  84. board

  85. (l) (q)

  86. a flat metal disk

  87. a flat (l) of armor

  88. bowl

  89. (ux)

  90. (inflection of)