suomi-englanti sanakirja

kunto englanniksi

  1. repair
  2. order
  3. fettle
  4. state
  5. fitness
  6. form
  7. shape
  1. condition ''(health status of a medical patient)''

  2. condition ''(state of any object, referring to the amount of its wear)''

  3. fitness ''(ability to perform a function)''

  4. shape; form ''(condition of personal health, especially muscular health)''

  5. ''Olen mahtavassa kunnossa.''

    I'm in a great shape.

  6. Often in inessive singular case, order ''(good arrangement; opposite to chaos)''.

  7. ''Kaikki on nyt kunnossa.''

    Everything is in order/straight/right/OK/fine now.