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examination englannista suomeksi

  1. kuulustelu, tutkinto, tentti

  2. tutkistelu

  3. tarkastelu, tarkastus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tutkimus, tutkiminen, tarkastelu

  3. tutkimus, tarkastus

  4. tentti, koe

examination englanniksi

  1. The act of examining.

  2. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-07-20|volume=408|issue=8845|magazine=The Economist

  3. (quote-journal)|isbn= 9783110363029 |passage= The question of the plausibility of the counter-factual is seen as key in all three discussions of allohistorical fiction (as it is in Demandt's and Ferguson's examinations of allohistory) (cf. Rodiek 25–26; Ritter 15–16; Helbig 32).

  4. Particularly, an inspection by a medical professional to establish the extent and nature of any sickness or injury.

  5. A formal test involving answering written or oral questions under a time constraint and usually without access to textbooks; typically, a large, written test administered to school and college students covering course material studied in a semester.

  6. Interrogation, particularly by a lawyer in court or during discovery.