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yew englannista suomeksi

  1. marjakuusi

  1. marjakuusi, euroopanmarjakuusi

  2. marjakuusi

  3. marjakuusi / marjakuusesta, marjakuusinen

  4. Substantiivi

yew englanniksi

  1. A species of coniferous tree, ''baccata'', with dark-green flat needle-like leaves and seeds bearing red arils, native to western, central and southern Europe, northwest Africa, northern Iran and southwest Asia.

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  3. Any tree or shrub of the genus ''Taxus''.

  4. Other conifers resembling plants in genus ''Taxus''

  5. in family Podocarpaceae

  6. in family Cephalotaxaceae

  7. The wood of the such trees.

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  9. A bow for archery, made of yew wood.

  10. Made from the wood of the yew tree.

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  13. (quote-journal)|url=|passage=A spinoff, “Major Crimes,” starring “Battlestar Galactica” veteran Mary McDonnell and a number of “Closer” cast members, premieres in August. Sedgwick won’t be among them, swapping Brenda’s syrupy “thank yew” for an upbeat “buh-bye now” to her co-workers.

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  16. The portion of the ridge taken by each reaper in harvest.

  17. The same laid in rows for binding into sheaves.

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