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which englanniksi

  1. What, of those mentioned or implied.

  2. (ux)

  3. The/Any ... that; whichever.

  4. (n-g)

  5. 1860, Henry Forrester|Alfred Henry Forrester, ''Fairy footsteps, or, Lessons from legends, with illustr., by Alfred Crowquill'', page 166 (Google Books view):

  6. After glaring upon the smoking philosopher, who took his misfortunes with such positive nonchalance, he growled out an oath in German, which language is particularly adapted for growling in; then, raising his hand, he dealt him a blow on his pipe, which sent it, like a rocket, into the midst of the players.
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  9. What one or ones (of those mentioned or implied).

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  11. The/Any ones that; whichever.

  12. (n-g)

  13. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)A silver snaffle on a heavy leather watch guard which connected the pockets of his corduroy waistcoat, together with a huge gold stirrup in his Ascot tie, sufficiently proclaimed his tastes.

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  16. (n-g), (m), (m)'';'' (m) remains possible with words also referred to by (m) such as (m), (m)).

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  19. (RQ:Tyndale NT)

  20. which; (n-g)

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