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whichever englanniksi

  1. Which ever; (n-g)

  2. ''Good heavens! Whichever button did you press to make that happen?!''

  3. Regardless of the ... that; no matter which.

  4. (ux)

  5. Any or either ... that; the ... that.

  6. According to or depending upon which.

  7. ''These chocolates all look delicious. Whichever shall I choose?''

  8. Irrespective of the one(s) that; no matter which one(s).

  9. Any or either one(s) that; the one(s) that.

  10. Any or either one(s).

  11. ''I don't mind which you have. Take whichever.''

  12. According to or depending upon which one(s).