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than englanniksi

  1. (non-gloss definition)

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. 1665, Stillingfleet, Laud, Carwell, ''A Rational Account of the Grounds of Protestant Religion'':

  4. Answer me if you can, any other way, than because the Scriptures, which are infallible, Say so.


  5. Because; for.

  6. 1854, Reformation series:

  7. If thou say yes, then puttest thou on Christ (that is, the wisdome of God, the Father) unkunning, unpower, or euil will: for than he could not make his rule so good as an other did his.
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  9. ''Patients diagnosed more recently are probably surviving an average of longer than two years.''

    ''No player is more skillful than Greg.''

  10. At that time; then.

  11. (aspirate mutation of)

  12. than

  13. (RQ:Malory Le Morte Darthur)

  14. then

  15. 14th Century, Chaucer|Chaucer, ''Canterbury Tales/General Prologue|General Prologue''

  16. And whan that he wel dronken hadde the wyn,Than wolde he speke no word but Latyn.
    : And when he had drunk all the wineHe would not speak a word other than Latin
  17. then

  18. then, there, when, that time

  19. there, therefore, if, because, after

  20. than, (comparative)

  21. Braune, Wilhelm. Althochdeutsches Lesebuch, zusammengestellt und mit Glossar versehen

  22. coal

  23. to complain

  24. (l)