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shoe englannista suomeksi

  1. kenkä

  2. kengittää

  3. jarrukenkä

  4. shoe

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kenkä

  3. Verbi

  4. kengittää

shoe englanniksi

  1. A protective covering for the foot, with a bottom part composed of thick leather or plastic sole and often a thicker heel, and a softer upper part made of leather or synthetic material. Shoes generally do not extend above the ankle, as opposed to boots, which do.

  2. (ux)

  3. A piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse's foot as a means of protection; a horseshoe.

  4. A device for holding multiple decks of playing cards, allowing more games to be played by reducing the time between shuffles.

  5. Something resembling a shoe in form, position, or function, such as a ''shoe''.

  6. A band of iron or steel, or a ship of wood, fastened to the bottom of the runner of a sleigh, or any vehicle which slides on the snow.

  7. A drag, or sliding piece of wood or iron, placed under the wheel of a loaded vehicle, to retard its motion in going down a hill.

  8. The part of a railroad car brake which presses upon the wheel to retard its motion.

  9. A trough-shaped or spout-shaped member, put at the bottom of the water leader coming from the eaves gutter, so as to throw the water off from the building.

  10. A trough or spout for conveying grain from the hopper to the eye of the millstone.

  11. An inclined trough in an ore-crushing mill.

  12. An iron socket or plate to take the thrust of a strut or rafter.

  13. An iron socket to protect the point of a wooden pile.

  14. A plate, or notched piece, interposed between a moving part and the stationary part on which it bears, to take the wear and afford means of adjustment; called also slipper and gib.

  15. Part of a current collector on electric trains which provides contact either with a live rail or an overhead wire (fitted to a pantograph in the latter case).

  16. An ingot of gold or silver shaped somewhat like a traditional Chinese shoe, formerly used in trade in the Far East.

  17. (syn)

  18. 1806, Lawrence Dundas Campbell, ‎E. Samuel, ''The Asiatic Annual Register'' (page 56)

  19. The finest gold among them is 100 touch, called Sycee, i. e. pure gold without alloy: so that if a shoe of gold touch 93, then it hath 93 parts of fine gold and 7 parts alloy.
  20. The outer cover or tread of a pneumatic tire, especially for an automobile.

  21. A pneumatic tire, especially for an automobile.

  22. To put shoes on one's feet.

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  24. To put horseshoes on a horse.

  25. 1874— (w), ''from the Madding Crowd|Far from the Madding Crowd'', chapter XXXII

  26. "Old Jimmy Harris only shoed her last week, and I'd swear to his make among ten thousand."
  27. To equip an object with a protection against wear.

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