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who englanniksi

  1. WHO

  1. What person or people; which person or people; (n-g). (used in a direct or indirect question)

  2. ''Who is that?'' (direct question)

    ''I don't know who it is.'' (indirect question)

  3. What is one's position; (n-g).

  4. ''I don't like what you did, but who am I to criticize you? I've done worse.''

  5. The person or people that.

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  7. Whoever, he who, they who.

  8. 1603, (w), ''(w)'', act III, scene 3

  9. Who steals my purse steals trash.

    ''It was a nice man who helped us.''

  10. A person under discussion; a question of which person.

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