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nor englanniksi

  1. (ISO 639)

  2. And... not ((non-gloss definition)).

  3. *(RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  4. (RQ:Jonson Poetaster)

  5. Nor you nor your house were so much as spoken of before I disbased myself.
  6. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  7. 1825, Sir (w), ''Talisman (Scott novel)|The Talisman''

  8. And, moreover, I had made my vow to preserve my rank unknown till the crusade should be accomplished; nor did I mention it (..)
  9. 1797, (w), "(w)"

  10. Water, water, every where, / Nor any drop to drink.


  11. (non-gloss definition)

  12. (quote-journal)| title=T time| passage=The ability to shift profits to low-tax countries by locating intellectual property in them(..)is often assumed to be the preserve of high-tech companies.(..)current tax rules make it easy for all sorts of firms to generate(..)“stateless income”: profit subject to tax in a jurisdiction that is neither the location of the factors of production that generate the income nor where the parent firm is domiciled.

  13. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  14. Than.

  15. (quote-book)| location=London| publisher=Penguin Books| year=1861| year_published=1967| page=131| passage='I used to think, when you first come into these parts, as you were no better nor you should be.'

  16. (quote-book)| edition=1993| location=Sevenoaks, Kent| publisher=Bloomsbury| isbn=0 340 19547 9| page=92| passage=I wouldn’t like to live here though, not after dark. Sooner you nor me.

  17. (alternative form of)

  18. (alternative form of)

  19. who

  20. (uxi)

  21. (gloss) intransitive without a dative argument

  22. (inflection of)

  23. Jail, prison; imprisonment

  24. (syn)

  25. cloud

  26. north

  27. crazy, insane, mad

  28. narrow strait

  29. string

  30. (alt form)

  31. (quote-book)