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knight englannista suomeksi

  1. ratsu, hevonen

  2. aatelismies

  3. lyödä ritariksi, aateloida

  1. ritari

  2. ratsu

  3. lyödä ritariksi

  4. Substantiivi

knight englanniksi

  1. A young servant or follower; a trained military attendant in service of a lord.

  2. A minor nobleman with an honourable military rank who had served as a page and squire.

  3. An armored and mounted warrior of the Ages.

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  5. A person obliged to provide service exchange for maintenance of an estate held in knight's fee.

  6. A person on whom a knighthood has been conferred by a monarch.

  7. A brave, chivalrous and honorable man devoted to a noble cause or interest.

  8. (senseid) A piece, often in the shape of a horse's head, that is moved two squares in one direction and one at right angles to that direction in a single move, leaping over any intervening pieces.

  9. A playing card bearing the figure of a knight; the knave or jack.

  10. Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genus (taxlink).

  11. Any mushroom belonging to genus (taxfmt).

  12. (senseid) To confer knighthood upon.

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  14. To promote (a pawn) to a knight.

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