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chess englannista suomeksi

  1. šakki, shakki

  2. hiirenruis

  1. shakki, šakki

chess englanniksi

  1. A game for two players with each beginning with sixteen pieces moving according to fixed rules across a chessboard with the objective to checkmate the opposing king.

  2. Any of several species of grass in the genus ''Bromus'', generally considered weeds.

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  4. Hobbled, loudly gourmandizing the dry chess grass, they were guarded by a pair of dismounted soldiers in long, dusty coats ....
  5. One of the platforms, consisting of two or more planks dowelled together, for the flooring of a temporary military bridge.

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  7. the balks are laid and covered with chesses to within 1 foot of the trestle
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  9. Each chess consists of three planks.