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swell englannista suomeksi

  1. turvota

  2. paisutus

  3. kasvaa

  4. nousta

  5. mainingit, aaltoilu

  6. keikari

  7. kiva, mahtava

  8. paisua

  9. selänne

  10. kummuta

  1. turvota, paisua

  2. turvottaa, paisuttaa

  3. voimistua

  4. ylpistyttää

  5. ylpistyä

  6. pöyhkeillä

  7. pullistua

  8. paisuminen, turpoaminen

  9. patti bulge; uloke protuberance

  10. nousu

  11. maininki

  12. maaston kohouma">maaston kohouma

  13. keikari, komeljanttari

  14. herra

  15. makea, siisti

  16. mahtava

  17. hienosti, hyvin

  18. Substantiivi

swell englanniksi

  1. To become bigger, especially due to being engorged.

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  5. To cause to become bigger.

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  11. To grow gradually in force or loudness.

  12. To cause to grow gradually in force or loudness.

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  14. To raise to arrogance; to puff up; to inflate.

  15. To be raised to arrogance.

  16. (RQ:Scott Waverley) you swell at the sight of tartan, as the bull is said to do at scarlet.

  17. To be elated; to rise arrogantly.

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  19. To be turgid, bombastic, or extravagant.

  20. To protuberate; to bulge out.

  21. The act of swelling; increase in size.

  22. A bulge or protuberance.

  23. Increase of power in style, or of rhetorical force.

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  25. A long series of ocean waves, generally produced by wind, and lasting after the wind has ceased.

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  28. A gradual crescendo followed by diminuendo.

  29. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp), the height and vastness of this noble fane, its antiquity and its strength—all these things seemed to have their part as causes of the thrilling emotion that accompanied his thoughts.

  30. A device for controlling the volume of a organ.

  31. A division in a organ, usually the largest enclosed division.

  32. A hillock or similar raised area of terrain.

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  34. An upward protrusion of strata from whose central region the beds dip quaquaversally at a low angle.

  35. A person who is stylish, fancy, or elegant.

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  38. A person of high social standing; an important person.

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  43. (c) The front brow of a bow, connected in the tree by the two bars to the cantle on the other end.

  44. (syn)

  45. Fashionable, like a swell or dandy.

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  47. Excellent.

  48. 1927 Mar. 31, (w), letter to (w):

  49. ...you are my devoted friend too. You do more and work harder and oh shit I'd get maudlin about how damned swell you are. My god I'd like to see you... You're a hell of a good guy.
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  54. Very well.

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  57. (alternative form of)

  58. (l) (gloss)