suomi-englanti sanakirja

herra englanniksi

  1. overlord

  2. sire

  3. baboo, babu

  4. sir

  5. Monsieur

  6. Lord

  7. Mister

  8. Esquire

  9. milord

  10. effendi

  1. hatred

  2. Mister (gloss)

  3. (ux)

  4. sir (gloss)

  5. lord, master (gloss)

  6. (uxi)

  7. gentleman (gloss)

  8. (alternative case form of)

  9. a member of the ruling or class, a person of authority; the ruling or class, the mighty, people in authority

  10. lord, master

  11. the Lord (God)

  12. an honorific title for a bishop; Lord

  13. an honorific title for a noble; Lord

  14. an honorific title for the highest state officials, now especially the president, but also a (m) (the local official of the state in each (m)), ambassador, etc.; Excellency

  15. mister (general honorific for a man, especially in writing; usually abbreviated: (m))

  16. a general deferential form of address to a male; sir

  17. (m)

    Ladies and gentlemen.

  18. to knight or bestow nobility on

  19. to confer on someone the dignity of (m), allow someone to be called (m)

  20. to address or refer to as (m) (as should be done to bishops, etc.)

  21. to out; to cause to deteriorate gradually

  22. to tire; to exhaust (gloss)

  23. rudeness, roughness

  24. mister, gentleman

  25. sir

  26. to confer with the title of "''herra''" upon a person