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fashionable englannista suomeksi

  1. muodikas, tyylikäs

  2. suosittu

  1. muodikas

  2. Substantiivi

fashionable englanniksi

  1. Characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style.

  2. ''a fashionable dress; a fashionable man''

  3. Established or favoured by custom or use; current; prevailing at a particular time.

  4. ''the fashionable philosophy; fashionable opinions''

  5. genteel; well-bred

  6. ''fashionable society''

  7. 1602, Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''Troilus and Cressida'', Act III, sc 3:

  8. Time is like a fashionable host / That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand.
  9. A fashionable person; a fop

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