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family englannista suomeksi

  1. perhe

  2. suku

  3. ryhmä

  4. perheenjäsen

  5. heimo

  6. yhteisö

  1. Substantiivi

  2. perhe

  3. suku

  4. heimo

  5. soittimet">-soittimet e.g. torvisoittimet

  6. kieliryhmä, kielikunta, kieliperhe

  7. perhe-">perhe-, suku-">suku-

  8. perhe-">perhe-

  9. homppeli informal, fägäri slang

family englanniksi

  1. A group of people who are closely related to one another (by blood, marriage or adoption); kin; in particular, a set of parents and their children; an family.

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  3. (RQ:Austen Pride and Prejudice)

  4. (RQ:Besant Ivory Gate)it is a black spot which all the soaps ever advertised could never wash off.

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  7. An family: a group of people who are related to one another by blood or marriage.

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  9. A family: a mother and father who are married and cohabiting and their child or children.

  10. Members of one's family collectively.

  11. A (close-knit) group of people related by blood, friendship, marriage, law, or custom, especially if they live or work together.

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  13. The gay community.

  14. (quote-journal)This is not your hallmark im Ames, Iowa. And there is “family” working there . . . no radar like gaydar, I always say.

  15. Lineage, especially honorable or noble lineage.

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  17. (senseid) A category in the classification of organisms, ranking below order and above genus; a taxon at that rank.

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  19. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae).

  20. Any group or aggregation of things classed together as kindred or related from possessing in common characteristics which distinguish them from other things of the same order.

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  22. A collection of sets, especially of subsets of a given set.

  23. A group of instruments having the same basic method of tone production.

  24. A group of languages believed to have descended from the same ancestral language.

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  26. Suitable for children and adults.

  27. Homosexual.