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gay englannista suomeksi

  1. eläväinen, hilpeä

  2. homo-

  3. iloisenvärinen, korea

  4. iloinen

  5. gay

  1. iloinen, eläväinen, hilpeä

  2. iloinen, korea

  3. homo / homo-, homoseksuaalinen, homo

  4. homo / homo-, homo / homojen

  5. naismainen

  6. tyhmä, homo

  7. homo, homoseksuaali gender-neutral, gay, gei urban colloquial, homppeli

  8. Substantiivi

gay englanniksi

  1. (ISO 639)

  2. (cap):

  3. Possessing sexual and/or romantic attraction towards people one perceives to be the same sex or gender as oneself. (defdt)

  4. (ux)

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  10. The two failed attempts to receive the necessary access to medicalized transition procedures by the renowned FTM activist Lou Sullivan—a gay man who refused to comply with the imperative that transsexual men must desire women—(..)
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  12. Describing a homosexual man.

  13. Tending to partner or mate with other individuals of the same sex.

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  15. Between two or more persons perceived to be of the same sex or gender as each other.

  16. Not heterosexual, or not cisgender: homosexual, bisexual, asexual, transgender, etc.

  17. (cot)

  18. Intended for gay people, ''especially'' gay men.

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  23. Homosexually in love with someone.

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  27. Infatuated with something, aligning with homosexual stereotypes.

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  29. In accordance with stereotypes of homosexual people:

  30. Being in accordance with stereotypes of gay people, ''especially'' gay men.

  31. Exhibiting appearance or behavior that accords with stereotypes of gay people, ''especially'' gay men.

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  33. (non-gloss definition)

  34. Effeminate or flamboyant in behavior.

  35. (non-gloss definition): lame, uncool, stupid, burdensome, contemptible, generally bad.

  36. (syn)

  37. 1996, Lisa's Date With Density, The Simpsons (cartoon television series). Upon discovering Nelson kissing Lisa:

  38. Dolph: "Oh, man! You kissed a girl!"
    Jimbo: "That is so gay!"
  39. Happy, joyful, and lively.

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  45. Quick, fast.

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  50. Festive, bright, or colourful.

  51. ''Pennsylvania Dutch include the plain folk and the gay folk.''

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  56. Sexually promiscuous (of any gender), engaged in prostitution.

  57. 1806 (edition of 1815), John Davis, ''The Post-Captain'', page 150:

  58. As our heroes passed along the Strand, they were accosted by a hundred gay ladies, who asked them if they were good-natured. "Devil take me!" exclaimed Echo, "if I know which way my ship heads; but there is not a girl in the Strand that I would touch with my gloves on."
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  65. Upright or curved over the back.

  66. Considerable, great, large in number, size, or degree. In this sense, also in the variant gey.

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  70. A gay deal different to what I is noo.
  71. 1881, Dixon, ''Craven Dales'':

  72. There were a gay bit of lace on it.
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  76. A homosexual, ''especially'' a male homosexual.

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  82. Something which is bright or colorful, such as a picture or a flower.

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  87. There's a good child; look at the gays, and keep quiet.
  88. An ornament, a knick-knack.

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  90. 1906, ''Cornish Notes & Queries: (first Series)'' (Cornish Telegraph, Peter Penn), page 132:

  91. If however the stranger be suspected of “sailing under false colours," when they are all in familiar chat about nothing in particular, “Cousin Jacky” will take occasion to say to the new chum, “My dear; ded 'e ever see a duck clunk a gay?" (..) no more deceived by him than a duck can be made to clunk (swallow) a gay (fragment of broken crockery).
  92. To make happy or cheerful. (defdate)

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  95. To cause (something, e.g. AIDS) to be associated with homosexual people. (defdate)

  96. Considerably, very.

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  102. She'll mak naw moor mischeef neets—she's gay quiet now!
  103. The letter —, which stands for the sound (IPAchar), in shorthand.

  104. (l); man (zh-mw)

  105. (l) male

  106. gay

  107. (l) (gloss)

  108. snake track

  109. (l): homosexual: being between two or more men.

  110. gay

  111. gay

  112. (l)

  113. gay, male homosexual.

  114. gay, male homosexual

  115. day

  116. (eclipsis of)

  117. mouth

  118. language

  119. beginning

  120. cheerful, happy

  121. jay

  122. parrot

  123. joyous, merry

  124. 1405 Geoffrey Chaucer, ''The Wife of Bath's Tale'', ''The Canterbury Tales'' (Wikisource:The Canterbury Tales/The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale|source):

  125. cheerful; happy; (l)

  126. homosexual (gloss)

  127. overly sentimental

  128. effeminate or flamboyant

  129. (l); homosexual (gloss), especially a male homosexual

  130. a person who lame, stupid or shows any other unpleasant characteristics

  131. fairly, considerably

  132. water

  133. (l), homosexual

  134. a homosexual person, (l) person

  135. (l), homosexual

  136. difficult; hard

  137. (alt form)