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mate englannista suomeksi

  1. elämänkumppani

  2. työtoveri, pelitoveri

  3. matee

  4. parittaa

  5. pari

  6. kaveri, toveri

  7. perämies

  8. mate-juoma

  9. tehdä matti

  10. matti

  11. paritella

  1. pari, kumppani

  2. pari

  3. perämies

  4. matruusi

  5. apumies

  6. kaveri

  7. toveri

  8. tehdä matti">tehdä matti

  9. Verbi

  10. Substantiivi

mate englanniksi

  1. A fellow, comrade, colleague, partner or someone with whom something is shared, e.g. shipmate, classmate.

  2. (syn)

  3. A breeding partner.

  4. A friend, usually of the same sex.

  5. (ux)

  6. (n-g)

  7. In naval ranks, a officer or his subordinate (e.g. (w), (w), Sailmaker's Mate, etc).

  8. A ship's officer, subordinate to the master on a commercial ship.

  9. A mate.

  10. A technical assistant in certain trades (e.g. ''gasfitter's mate'', ''plumber's mate''); sometimes an apprentice.

  11. The other member of a matched pair of objects.

  12. A suitable companion; a match; an equal.

  13. (RQ:Milton PL)

  14. To match, fit together without space between.

  15. To copulate.

  16. To pair in order to raise offspring.

  17. To arrange in matched pairs.

  18. To introduce (animals) together for the purpose of breeding.

  19. To copulate with.

  20. To marry; to match (a person).

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Cymbeline)

  22. To match oneself against; to oppose as equal; to compete with.

  23. (RQ:Bacon Of Deat)

  24. There is no passion in the mind of man so weak but it mates and masters the fear of death.
  25. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 8) in the way of loyalty and truth, (..) / Dare mate a sounder man than Surrey can be.

  26. To fit (objects) together without space between.

  27. To move (a shuttle orbiter) onto the back of an aircraft that can carry it.

  28. (ant)

  29. (clip of)

  30. To confuse; to confound.

  31. (RQ:Shakespeare Comedy of Errors)

  32. (senseid) (alternative spelling of), an aromatic tea-like drink prepared from the holly yerba maté ((taxlink)).

  33. The abovementioned plant; the leaves and shoots used for the tea

  34. (inflection of)

  35. a checkmate

  36. to checkmate; to put the king of an opponent into checkmate

  37. checkmate

  38. A measure, degree: quantity or intensity of something abstract

  39. (nl-verb form of)

  40. dead (gloss)

  41. death

  42. (romanization of)

  43. (tlb) (l)

  44. (l) ((taxlink))

  45. (l) (gloss)

  46. (ja-romanization of)

  47. to die

  48. disease

  49. in want of

  50. The drink maté, prepared of mate ((taxlink)).

  51. to feed

  52. maté (gloss) (gloss)

  53. maté (gloss)

  54. (pt-verb-form-of)

  55. maths

  56. saliva (liquid secreted into the mouth)

  57. matte (gloss)

  58. mate, checkmate

  59. a hand gesture

  60. (senseid) maté (gloss))

  61. a hollow gourd or cup in which maté is traditionally served

  62. head (gloss)

  63. tan, tanned (gloss)

  64. math / maths

  65. (es-verb form of)

  66. dead (qualifier)

  67. the dead

  68. dead