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master englannista suomeksi

  1. kantakappale, master-versio, master-kopio, alkuperäisversio

  2. maisteri

  3. taitaa

  4. yleisavain

  5. esimies, työnantaja

  6. mestari

  7. isäntä

  8. pitää kurissa

  9. laivuri, kapteeni

  10. tärkein

  11. koulunjohtaja

  12. ylittää

  13. oppia

  1. herra, isäntä

  2. isäntä

  3. kapteeni

  4. perheenpää

  5. isäntä, työnantaja

  6. mestari

  7. herra

  8. nuoriherra

  9. maisterin tutkinto">maisterin tutkinto, maisterintutkinto

  10. maisteri

  11. alkuperäinen, alkuperäiskappale, kantakappale, kantakopio, master-versio, master-kopio

  12. puheenjohtaja

  13. pää-

  14. -mestari, -taituri

  15. alkuperäinen

  16. hallita

  17. masteroida

  18. -mastoinen in compound words

  19. Substantiivi

master englanniksi

  1. Someone who has control over something or someone.

  2. {{quote-text|en|year=1881|author=Benjamin Jowett|title=Thucydides

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  5. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)Their example was followed by others at a time when the master of Mohair was superintending in person the docking of some two-year-olds, and equally invisible.

  6. The owner of an animal or slave.

  7. The captain of a ship; a mariner.

  8. (syn)

  9. A male head of a household.

  10. Someone who employs others.

  11. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  12. An expert at something.

  13. (ux)

  14. (quote-journal)|journal=The Edinburgh Review |year=1843 |month=July |number=CLVII |title=Art. VII—''The Life of Joseph Addison''. By Lucy Aikin. |page=231 |pageurl= |text=But that which chiefly distinguishes Addison from Swift, from Voltaire, from almost all the other great masters of ridicule, is the grace, the nobleness, the moral purity, which we find even in his merriment.

  15. {{RQ:Locke Education|189

  16. (quote-av): I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner; now I am the master.(w): Only a master of evil, Darth.

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  19. A tradesman who is qualified to teach apprentices.

  20. A male schoolteacher.

  21. A skilled artist.

  22. A man or a boy; mister. See Master.

  23. (RQ:Swift Directions to Servants)

  24. A master's degree; a type of postgraduate degree, usually undertaken after a bachelor degree.

  25. A person holding such a degree.

  26. The original of a document or of a recording.

  27. The primary shot of a scene, into which the closeups will be edited later.

  28. A parajudicial officer (such as a referee, an auditor, an examiner, or an assessor) specially appointed to help a court with its proceedings.

  29. A device that is controlling other devices or is an authoritative source.

  30. (ant)

  31. A person holding an office of authority, especially the presiding officer.

  32. A person holding a similar office in other civic societies.

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  34. {{quote-text|en|year=2020|author=Jane M. Wiggins|title=Facilities Manager's Desk Reference|page=517

  35. A male dominant.

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  37. Masterful.

  38. Main, principal or predominant.

  39. Highly skilled.

  40. {{quote-text|en|year=1895|author=Marshall Mather|title=Lancashire Idylls|page=39

  41. Original.

  42. To be a master.(attention)

  43. To become the master of; to subject to one's will, control, or authority; to conquer; to overpower; to subdue.

  44. {{RQ:Locke Education

  45. (RQ:Falkner Moonfleet)

  46. To learn to a high degree of proficiency.

  47. To own; to possess.

  48. (RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice)the wealth / That the world maſters.

  49. To make a master copy of.

  50. To earn a Master's degree.

  51. A vessel having a specified number of masts.

  52. (label) (male) dom

  53. master's degree, master's (postgraduate degree)

  54. (l) (golf tournament)

  55. (l), copy

  56. (l):

  57. someone who has control over something or someone.

  58. an expert at something.

  59. the original of a document or of a recording.

  60. a master's degree; a type of postgraduate degree, usually undertaken after a bachelor degree.

  61. (inflection of)

  62. a master's degree

  63. a master's thesis

  64. a person that has a master's degree

  65. original document or recording

  66. (nn-former)

  67. (infl of)

  68. (l)

  69. leader

  70. commissioner

  71. master's degree

  72. (noun form of)

  73. master