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original englannista suomeksi

  1. originaali, alkuteos

  2. alkuperäinen, alkukielinen

  3. omaperäinen, originelli, omintakeinen, tuore

  4. alkuperäiskappale

  5. alkuperäis-

  1. alkuperäinen, ensimmäinen

  2. tuore, alkuperäinen

  3. tuore, omaperäinen, originelli, omintakeinen

  4. peräisin

  5. Substantiivi

  6. alkuperäiskappale, originaali

  7. ainutlaatuinen ihminen">ainutlaatuinen ihminen, originelli persoona">originelli persoona

original englanniksi

  1. relating to the origin or beginning; preceding all others

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  4. first in a series or copies/versions

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  6. newly created

  7. fresh, different

  8. pioneering

  9. having as its origin

  10. An object or other creation (e.g. narrative work) from which all later copies and variations are derived.

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  12. A person with a unique and interesting personality or creative talent.

  13. An eccentric person.

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  17. an unusual or eccentric person

  18. an original manuscript

  19. original

  20. (l), primordial; preceding everything else

  21. connected to the origin or beginning of something

  22. the origin, lineage, or provenance of something

  23. the authoritative, authorial, or primordial version of a work or source

  24. something that isn't living or artificial; a primordial element

  25. a reason, factor, or generator of something

  26. the root or etymological ancestor of a word

  27. the making of the universe

  28. a legal document beginning legal action

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