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original englannista suomeksi

  1. originaali, alkuteos

  2. alkuperäinen, alkukielinen

  3. omaperäinen, originelli, omintakeinen, tuore

  4. alkuperäiskappale

  5. alkuperäis-

  1. alkuperäinen, ensimmäinen

  2. tuore, alkuperäinen

  3. tuore, omaperäinen, originelli, omintakeinen

  4. peräisin

  5. Substantiivi

  6. alkuperäiskappale, originaali

  7. ainutlaatuinen ihminen">ainutlaatuinen ihminen, originelli persoona">originelli persoona

original englanniksi

  1. Relating to the origin or beginning; preceding all others.

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  4. First in a series of copies or versions.

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  6. Newly created.

  7. Fresh, different.

  8. Pioneering.

  9. Having a specified place or time as its origin.

  10. An object or other creation (e.g. narrative work) from which all later copies and variations are derived.

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  12. A person with a unique and interesting personality or creative talent.

  13. 1700, (w), ''Amusements Serious and Comical, calculated for the Meridian of London'', page 5:

  14. I have a great mind to be in Print; but above all, I would fain be an Original, and that is a true Comical Thought: When all the Learned Men in the World are but Tranſlators, is it not a Pleaſant Jeſt, that you ſhould ſtrive to be an Original! You ſhould have obſerved your Time, and have come into the World with the Ancient ''Greeks'' for that purpoſe; for the ''Latines'' themſelves are but Copies.
  15. 1975, ''The Educational Trends'' (volumes 10-14, page 59)

  16. Ahmad (1969) studied the personality differences among middle school girls identified as originals and unoriginals on the Minnesota's test of creative thinking.
  17. 2010, A. Kusuma, ''Creativity and Cognitive Styles in Children'' (page 73)

  18. The originals or the creatives were more dominant than the unoriginals or the low creatives.
  19. An eccentric person.

  20. (quote-journal)

  21. A newly designed garment released by a designer as part of a collection.

  22. 1962, "It's Fashion fair time again", in ''Ebony'' (volume 17, number 11, page 126)

  23. Fashion Fair will give every section first hand knowledge of the latest originals and 1962-63's exciting trends.
  24. 1963, National Retail Merchants Association. Sales Promotion Division, ''The NRMA Sales Promotion Encyclopedia, Vol. II.'' (page 175)

  25. One such show was built around the Du Pont spring collection of Paris originals.
  26. A ridgeling.

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  30. an unusual or eccentric person

  31. an original manuscript

  32. original

  33. really, actually

  34. (l), primordial; preceding everything else

  35. connected to the origin or beginning of something

  36. the origin, lineage, or provenance of something

  37. the authoritative, authorial, or primordial version of a work or source

  38. something that isn't living or artificial; a primordial element

  39. a reason, factor, or generator of something

  40. the root or etymological ancestor of a word

  41. the making of the universe

  42. a legal document beginning legal action

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