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  1. lähde

  2. juurtua

  3. juuri

  4. kantaisä

  5. sanajuuri

  6. juontaa juurensa

  7. juurruttaa

  8. vartalo

  9. kaivaa esiin

  1. juuri, puunjuuri of a tree

  2. juuri, hampaanjuuri

  3. juuri, hiusjuuri

  4. lähde, juuri

  5. juuri

  6. juuri, nollakohta

  7. juuri, juurisolmu

  8. juuri, kantasana, kanta

  9. pääkäyttäjä

  10. juurihakemisto, juurikansio

  11. saada juurikäyttäjän oikeudet">saada juurikäyttäjän oikeudet, rootata slang, ruutata slang

  12. tonkia

  13. nöyristellä

  14. juuria, repiä juurineen">repiä juurineen

  15. köyriä

  16. juurtua

  17. juurruttaa

  18. pano

  19. kannustaa

  20. Verbi

  21. Substantiivi

root englanniksi

  1. (senseid) The part of a plant, generally underground, that anchors and supports the plant body, absorbs and stores water and nutrients, and in some plants is able to perform vegetative reproduction.

  2. (hyponyms)


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  4. A vegetable.

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  6. ... two fields which should have been sown with roots in the early summer were not sown because the ploughing had not been completed early enough.
  7. The part of a tooth extending into the bone holding the tooth in place.

  8. The part of a hair under the skin that holds the hair in place.

  9. The part of a hair near the skin that has not been dyed, permed, or otherwise treated.

  10. The primary source; origin.

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  13. They were the roots out of which sprang two distinct people.
  14. (quote-book)

  15. The section of a wing immediately adjacent to the fuselage.

  16. The bottom of the thread of a threaded object.

  17. (ant)

  18. Of a number or expression, a number which, when raised to a specified power, yields the specified number or expression.

  19. (hypo)

  20. A root (understood if no power is specified; in which case, "the root of" is often abbreviated to "root").

  21. 1899, (w) (transl.), ''The New Life'' (''La Vita Nuova'') ''of Dante Alighieri'', Siddall edition, page 122.

  22. The number three is the root of the number nine; (...) being multiplied merely by itself, it produceth nine, as we manifestly perceive that three times three are nine.
  23. A zero (of an equation).

  24. (holonyms)

  25. The single node of a tree that has no parent.

  26. The primary lexical unit of a word, which carries the most significant aspects of semantic content and cannot be reduced into smaller constituents. Inflectional stems often derive from roots.

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  28. (quote-book)|publisher=Richard Pynſon, Iohan Haukyns|location=London|oclc=715474564|newversion=reprinted as|year2=1972|publisher2=Slatkine Reprints|location2=Genève|title2=Lesclarcissement de la langue françoyse|chapter=The Introduction|page=32|passage=In ſo moche that if any verbe be of the thyꝛde coniugation / I ſet out all his rotes and tenſes(..)

  29. A word from which another word or words are derived.

  30. The fundamental tone of any chord; the tone from whose harmonics, or overtones, a chord is composed 1817, (w), ''A Dictionary of Music, Theoretical and Practical''.

  31. The lowest place, position, or part.

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  33. (quote-text)|title=Omniana

  34. In UNIX terminology, the first user account with complete access to the system and its configuration, found at the root of the directory structure; the person who manages accounts on a UNIX system.

  35. The highest directory of a directory structure which may contain both files and subdirectories.

  36. A penis, especially the base of a penis.

  37. To grow roots; to enter the earth, as roots; to root and begin to grow.

  38. (RQ:Mortimer Husbandr)

  39. In deep grounds the weeds root the deeper.
  40. (quote-journal)'' (Property)| date=26 October 2014| passage=Some old, underfired clay pantiles might be damaged by button mosses rooting in cracks and fissures. But most post-war tiles are hard enough to withstand a bit of moss growth.

  41. To prepare, oversee, or otherwise cause the rooting of cuttings.

  42. To be firmly fixed; to be established.

  43. (quote-text)|title=The Life of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt., Sometime Lord Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of King's-Bench

  44. {{quote-journal|en

  45. (senseid) To get root or privileged access on a system or phone, often through bypassing some security mechanism.

  46. (senseid) To turn up or dig with the snout.

  47. (c.) published 1568, (w), ''Againſt venemous tongues enpoyſoned with ſclaunder and falſe detractions &c.'':

  48. Such tunges ſhuld be torne out by the harde rootes,Hoyning like hogges that groynis and wrotes.
  49. To seek favour or advancement by low arts or grovelling servility; to fawn.

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  51. To rummage; to search as if by digging in soil.

  52. Of a baby: to turn the head and open the mouth in search of food.

  53. {{quote-text|en|year=2016|author=Rachel Waddilove|title=The Baby Book: How to enjoy year one: revised and updated|page=179

  54. To out; to abolish.

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  57. To sexually penetrate.

  58. An act of intercourse.

  59. A sexual partner.

  60. To cheer (on); to show support (for) and hope for the success of. (q) (defdate)

  61. {{quote-text|en|year=1908|author=Norworth|Jack Norworth|title=Me Out to the Ball Game|Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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