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underground englannista suomeksi

  1. maan alla

  2. maanalainen

  3. vastarintaliike

  4. maan alle

  1. maanalainen

  2. underground

  3. maan alla">maan alla

  4. Substantiivi

  5. vastarintaliike

  6. Verbi

underground englanniksi

  1. Below the ground; below the surface of the Earth.

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  4. (anchor) Hidden, furtive, secretive.

  5. Outside the mainstream, especially unofficial and hidden from the authorities.

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  7. (quote-book)he wrote to me last week telling me about an incredible bitch of a row blazing there on account of someone having been and gone and produced an unofficial magazine called ''Raddled'', full of obscene libellous Oz-like filth. And what I though, what Sammy and I thought, was—why not?’ ‘Why not what?’ said Tom. ‘Why not do the same thing here?’ ‘You mean an underground magazine?’ ‘Yup.’

  8. (quote-web)

  9. Below the ground.

  10. Secretly.

  11. Regions beneath the surface of the earth, both natural (eg. caves) and man-made (eg. mines).

  12. (syn of): a railway that is under the ground.

  13. A movement or organisation of people who resist political convention.

  14. A movement or organisation of people who resist artistic convention.

  15. To route electricity distribution cables underground.

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  19. underground (gloss)

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  21. the underground (gloss)

  22. the underground (gloss)

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