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political englannista suomeksi

  1. puoluepoliittinen, puolustuspoliittinen, ulkopoliittinen, energiapoliittinen, aluepoliittinen, talouspoliittinen, elinkeinopoliittinen, työvoimapoliittinen, rahapoliittinen, kauppapoliittinen, sosiaalipoliittinen, turvallisuuspoliittinen, tulopoliittinen, sisäpoliittinen

  2. poliittinen

  1. poliittinen

  2. Substantiivi

political englanniksi

  1. Concerning or relating to politics, the art and process of governing.

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  6. Concerning a polity or its administrative components.

  7. Motivated, especially inappropriately, by political (electoral or other party political) calculation.

  8. “The Court invalidates Minnesota’s political apparel ban based on its inability to define the term ‘political'”

  9. Of or relating to views about social relationships that involve power or authority.

  10. Interested in politics.

  11. A political agent or officer.

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  13. One such officer was Count Nikolai Ignatiev, a brilliant and ambitious political, who enjoyed the ear of the Tsar and burned to settle his country's scores with the British.
  14. A publication focusing on politics.