suomi-englanti sanakirja

alla englanniksi

  1. below

  2. under

  3. at a lower place, beneath

  1. child

  2. be it, ahead

  3. granted, I'll admit

  4. down, to below

  5. ''Ma kukkusin alla.''

    I fell ''down''.

  6. down, to below, to under (Governs the genitive)

  7. ''Mine laua alla!''

    Go under the table!

  8. below (Governs the genitive)

  9. ''See on kasvult alla keskmise.''

    It is below average growth.

  10. beneath, underneath, below

  11. under, underneath.

  12. (ux)

  13. just before, only a short time before

  14. (inflection of)

  15. (romanization of)

  16. other, another

  17. 1982 August 4, "Qalasersuaq kujalleq Ammassalimmut nuunneqarallartoq", ''Atuagagdliutit / Grønlandsposten''

  18. Filmiliarlu taanna nunani allani TV-eqarfinnut soqutinnittunut(sic) tun iniarneqartussaavoq(sic).
    : The finished film will be offered to interested broadcasting companies in other countries.
  19. 1998 September 1, "Aatsaat qaamasunik amilinnik takusut", ''Atuagagdliutit / Grønlandsposten''

  20. Soorunami siornatigut aviisitigut allatigullu qaamasunik amillit qanoq isikkoqarnersut ilisimareeraluarlugit sunaaffa aatsaat iluamik inuttarsisut.
    : While they had, of course, already seen people with light skin in news papers and other things, it turned out that they had not met any in the flesh.
  21. another one, different one

  22. ''Alla taamna.''

    That one is another one.

  23. shout

  24. (alternative form of)

  25. (form of); to the, at the

  26. -style

  27. (uxi)

  28. God

  29. a god

  30. (attributive form of)

  31. (alternative spelling of)

  32. everyone

  33. (monikko) sv|all

  34. with the red

  35. (soft mutation of)