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computer englannista suomeksi

  1. tietokone

  2. laskija

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tietokone

  3. laskija

  4. Verbi

computer englanniksi

  1. A person employed to perform computations; one who computes. (defdate)

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  4. A male computer, where the female computer is called a computress.

  5. A programmable electronic device that performs mathematical calculations and logical operations, especially one that can process, store and retrieve large amounts of data very quickly; now especially, a small one for personal or home use employed for manipulating text or graphics, accessing the Internet, or playing games or media. (defdate)

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  7. To use a computer.

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  11. To send via computer.

  12. (quote-book)|publisher=Bantam Press|year=2001|page=428|pageurl=|isbn=0-593-04896-2|passage='Nah. It was him hated it more than me. Fish out of water. Cops watching every move he makes. Memos about him computered to every nick in the land. He was too innocent for this hi-tech world, Bobby. Would've been back inside in no time at all.'

  13. To transfer onto a computer; to computerize.

  14. (quote-book)|publisher=Springer-Verlag|year=1983|page=336|pageurl=|doi=10.1007/978-3-642-69124-9_15|isbn=978-3-642-69126-3|passage=Our sincere thanks are due to Antje Reuter, Jens Adam and Uwe Horstmann for computering the manuscript and Ralph Phillips and Kirsten Techmer for proof reading it.

  15. (quote-book)|publisher=E. J. Brill|year=1988|page=unnumbered|pageurl=|isbn=978-9-004-08821-4|passage=It is also a pleasure to recommend the skill of Irit Markan who carried out the work of 'computering' the text, and of Ivor Ludlam who bore the labour of proof reading—both the English and the Greek.

  16. computer (machine)

  17. computer

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  19. to compute

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