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operation englannista suomeksi

  1. yritys

  2. toiminta

  3. laskutoimitus

  4. operaatio

  5. käyttö

  6. toimenpide

  7. vaikutus

  8. toimitus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. toiminta

  3. leikkaus, operaatio

  4. laskutoimitus, operaatio

  5. operaatio

operation englanniksi

  1. The method by which a device performs its function.

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  3. The method or practice by which actions are done.

  4. The act or process of operating; agency; the exertion of power, physical, mechanical, or moral.

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  7. A planned undertaking.

  8. ''The police ran an operation to get vagrants off the streets.''

    ''The ''Katrina'' relief operation was considered botched.''

  9. A business or organization.

  10. ''We run our operation from a storefront.''

    ''They run a multinational produce-supply operation.''

  11. A surgical procedure.

  12. ''She had an operation to remove her appendix.''

  13. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=James Hodges; B. Collins|year=1750|page=157|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=euRhAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA157|oclc=837728611|passage=This done, ſhe performs the very ſame Operation on the other Side of the Cock's Body, and there takes out the other Stone; then ſhe ſtitches up the Wounds, and lets the Fowl go about as at other Times, till the Capon is fatted in a Coup, which is commonly done from ''Chriſtmas'' to ''Candlemas'', and after.

  14. (wikipedia) A procedure for generating a value from one or more other values (the operands); a function which maps zero or more (but typically two) operands to a single output value.

  15. A military campaign (e.g. ''Desert Storm|Operation Desert Storm'')

  16. Effect produced; influence.

  17. {{RQ:Fuller Church History

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  19. function; role

  20. (quote-book)

  21. an (l) (planned undertaking)

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