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dig englannista suomeksi

  1. kaivaa, tonkia

  2. louhia

  3. rehkiä

  4. kaivauspaikka

  5. nälväisy

  6. lommo

  7. kaivaus

  8. upottaa

  9. tönäisy

  10. survaista

  11. päästä jyvälle

  1. kaivaa

  2. kaivaus (monikko) / kaivaukset

  3. tajuta

  4. digata

  5. Substantiivi

dig englanniksi

  1. To move hard-packed earth out of the way, especially downward to make a hole with a shovel. Or to drill, or the like, through rocks, roads, or the like. More generally, to make any similar hole by moving material out of the way.(attention)

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book)| title=(w)|chapter=8| passage=Miss Thorn began digging up the turf with her lofter: it was a painful moment for me. ¶ “You might at least have tried me, Mrs. Cooke,” I said.

  4. To get by digging; to take from the ground; often with ''up''.

  5. To take ore from its bed, in distinction from making excavations in search of ore.

  6. To work like a digger; to study ploddingly and laboriously.

  7. 1894, (w), ''The Honorable Peter Stirling''

  8. Peter dug at his books all the harder.
  9. To investigate, to research, often followed by ''out'' or ''up''.

  10. (quote-journal)| magazine=(w)| title=The Evolution of Eyeglasses| passage=Digging deeper, the invention of eyeglasses is an elaboration of the more fundamental development of optics technology. The ability of a segment of a glass sphere to magnify whatever is placed before it was known around the year 1000, when the spherical segment was called a reading stone, essentially what today we might term a frameless magnifying glass or plain glass paperweight.

  11. To thrust; to poke.

  12. (RQ:Robinson Utopi)

  13. You should have seen children (..) dig and push their mothers under the sides, saying thus to them: Look, mother, how great a lubber doth yet wear pearls.
  14. To defend against an attack hit by the opposing team by successfully passing the ball

  15. An archeological or paleontological investigation, or the site where such an investigation is taking place.

  16. (syn)

  17. A plodding and laborious student.

  18. A thrust; a poke.

  19. (quote-journal)

  20. A tool for digging.

  21. A defensive pass of the ball that has been attacked by the opposing team.

  22. A cutting, sarcastic remark.

  23. (quote-book)

  24. A rare or interesting vinyl record bought second-hand.

  25. To understand or show interest in. (attention)

  26. (quote-song)|year=1974|passage=McCord has blown. Mitchell has blown. No tap on my telephone / Halderman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, and Dean / It follows a pattern if you dig what I mean

  27. To appreciate, or like.

  28. (quote-song)|year=1971|album=Blue|title=California|passage=Oh, but California / California, I'm coming home / I'm going to see the folks I dig

  29. *1975, (w), ''Humboldt's Gift'' ed., 1976, p. 432:

  30. Louie said, "I dig this Theo. I'm gonna learn Swahili and rap with him."
  31. Digoxin.

  32. closed, shut

  33. dense

  34. to compose a poem

  35. you (q)

  36. (infl of)

  37. you (qualifier)

  38. ''Jag såg dig aldrig där''

    I never saw you there

  39. (non-gloss definition)

  40. ''Skulle du vilja lära dig jonglera?''

    Would you like to learn how to juggle?

    ''Skar du dig på kniven?''

    Did you cut yourself on the knife?