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cutting englannista suomeksi

  1. veisto

  2. terävä, pistävä, pureva

  3. leikkaaminen

  4. leikkaus

  5. pistokas

  6. viiltävä

  7. viilto

  8. nostaminen

  9. leike

  10. lehtileike

  1. Substantiivi

  2. leikkaus, leikkaaminen

  3. leike

  4. pistokas

  5. katkelma

  6. leikkaus

  7. leikkaaminen

  8. Verbi

cutting englanniksi

  1. The action of the verb ''to cut''.

  2. (ux)

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  4. (quote-book) Laser Cutting|location=London; Berlin|publisher=Science+Business Media|Springer-Verlag|year=1993|section=section 1.1 (The Cutting Process)|pages=2–3|pageurl=|doi=10.1007/978-1-4471-3384-1|isbn=978-1-4471-3386-5|passage=The first industrial use of CO(sub) lasers was the cutting of plywood dye boards for the packaging industry. ... The laser cutting process has a number of advantages over competing technologies which have ensured the growth of this branch of industry: ...

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  6. A section removed from a larger whole.

  7. (quote-book)|edition=5th|location=London|publisher=(...) John and Barham Clark,(nb...)|year=1723|pages=9–10|pageurl=|oclc=722999200|passage=Obſerving ... abundance of Matter floating in the Urine like Bran, with a great Number of Recrements like Cuttings of Hair, ſome above an Inch long, ''which Subſtances were found in all the Water that I made in above Twelve Months''; for which I could get no Remedy: I was adviſed to drink Water, which in about half a Year did intirely free me from thoſe Symptoms, ...

  8. (quote-journal) for a New or Improved Method, or New and Improved Methods of Preparing Gelatine which has the Properties of or Resembles Glue.—Sealed March 23, 1839|journal=The Repertory of Patent Inventions,(nb...)|location=London|publisher=(...) J. S. Hodson,(nb...)|date=23 March 1839|year_published=May 1840|volume=XIII (New Series)|issue=LXXVII|page=270|pageurl=|oclc=773063956|passage=I make such gelatine as above mentioned of two different qualities, ... and I use all such hides and skins, and cuttings of hides and skins as are usually employed in manufacturing glue according to the ordinary method, and which are commonly called glue-pieces, ...

  9. (quote-book)|year=2011|page=9|pageurl=|column=1|isbn=978-0-8118-7452-6|passage=Yet, while paper cuttings can look very modern, paper cutting as an activity has a long, rich heritage. The Chinese, who first invented paper as we know it, started cutting more than a thousand years before most Europeans had ever seen a piece of paper. The oldest extant paper cutting is a simple symmetrical circle from the sixth century that was found in a far western province of China.

  10. A newspaper clipping.

  11. (quote-book)|location=Brighton, East Sussex|publisher=W. J. Smith,(nb...)|year=p. 1871|page=263|pageurl=|oclc=42303627|passage=Extract from "Newspaper Cuttings relating to Sussex," (Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1872, pp. 140, 141.)

  12. (quote-book). a farther inspection of the newspaper cutting. No; it is not in that part about Weber, but here another newspaper cutting is the agreement that Mr. Wilder was testifying about, and that has Weber's name.

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  14. (w), ''(w)''

  15. (quote)
  16. A leaf, stem, branch, or root removed from a plant and cultivated to grow a new plant.

  17. (quote-book)|location=Edinburgh|publisher=(...) David Lindsay,(nb...)|year=1683|section=2nd part (Treating of the Culture of Plants), paragraph 5|page=59|pageurl=|oclc=228724931|passage=To propagate by cuttings, is to cut off the branch or ſtem of a Plant, and to ſet it in the Earth without Roots. Strip it of leaves and branches, Plant deeper than theſe with Roots, and in a rich and moiſt ſoil, keeping it watered and ſhaded, Untill Rooted; cut off their Tops ſave Greens, as if your cutting be 12 Inches long, let 9 be under, and 3 above ground.

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  19. (quote-book) Nicol (bookseller)|George and W. Nicol,(nb...); Robinson (bookseller)|George and John Robinson,(nb...); and & Davies|Thomas Cadell and William Davies,(nb...)|year=1803|volume=II|page=47|pageurl=|oclc=2433798|passage=The method of (smallcaps) the Box is perfectly easy: it may be raised from cuttings, or from seed, or by layering. ... For planting the cuttings, Hanbury|Thomas (smallcaps) says the month of August is the best time, if any rain falls.

  20. An abridged selection of written work, often intended for performance.

  21. An open passage at a level lower than the surrounding terrain, dug for a canal, railway, or road to through.

  22. (synonyms)


  23. (quote-journal). (Doc. No. 101) 7. Observations upon the Cost of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.|journal=Executive Documents, Printed by Order of the States House of Representatives|House of Representatives, at the First Session of the Twenty-second States Congress|Congress,(nb...) In Seven Volumes|location=Washington, D.C.|publisher=(...) (w)|year=1832|volume=III|page=211|pageurl=|oclc=13401553|passage=The railway, however, will require a farther outlay to render it complete, though the locomotive engine has passed over every foot of ground from Liverpool to Salford. The slopes of the cuttings want dressing, and several of them want protecting with foot walls.

  24. (quote-journal)

  25. The editing of film or other recordings.

  26. The process of bringing metals to a desired shape by away|chipping away the unwanted material.

  27. (quote-book)|year=2009|section=section 5.1 (Introduction)|page=111|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-7506-8531-3|passage=Metal-cutting tools often have two cutting edges, both of which are angled to the direction of cutting, and in round-nosed tools the inclination continuously varies ....

  28. The act of cutting one's own skin as a symptom of a disorder; self-harm.

  29. That is used for cutting.

  30. Piercing, sharp.

  31. (quote-book)|month=June|year=2004|page=211|pageurl=|isbn=978-1-932100-21-1|passage=The weather was atrocious, with bitterly cold wind and cutting sleet—rather appropriate, considering Aunt Fonteyn's temperament.

  32. Of criticism, remarks, etc.: (potentially) hurtful.

  33. (quote-book) Keeper of the Great Seal, Bishop of Lincoln, and ABp. Archbishop of York.(nb...)|edition=2nd|location=Cambridge, Cambridgeshire|publisher=(...) Roper|Abel Roper(nb...); and R. Basset(nb...)|year=1703|page=311|pageurl=|oclc=642306667|passage=He concludes with this cutting remark, ''But Benefactors may give Money, but not grateful Minds to ſuch as receive it.''

  34. (quote-journal)|month=September|year=1861|issue=201|page=260|pageurl=|oclc=930602350|passage=Poor Betsy had often been the subject of Tommy's jokes; many a cutting remark had been made about her dress, which, though clean and whole, was always poor and old-fashioned; ...

  35. Of a beverage: half-sized.

  36. (present participle of)