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Thomas englannista suomeksi

  1. Tuomas

  2. Thomas

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Tuomas

  3. Tuomas, Tuomo

  4. Tuomala, Tuomainen

Thomas englanniksi

  1. An infidel (qualifier).

  2. An Apostle, best remembered for doubting the resurrection of Jesus.

  3. (RQ:King James Version)

  4. (given name) of biblical origin, popular since the 13th century.

  5. (RQ:Twain Sawyer)

  6. 1941 Judith Kelly, ''Marriage is a Private Affair'', Harper 1944, page 133:

  7. - - - goodness we scarcely have a name for the baby yet now all of you must take a vote, all of you, but let's have a nice simple name like Thomas don't you think I hate elaborate names, do please all of you vote for Thomas..."
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  14. Thomas (gloss)

  15. (given name) of biblical origin.

  16. 1862 (w), ''Misérables TI L4Chapitre2|Les Misérables, Vol.1, Book 4:1'', translation 1887 by Isabel F. Hapgood:

  17. Il n’est pas rare aujourd’hui que le garçon bouvier se nomme Arthur, Alfred ou Alphonse, et que le vicomte — s’il y a encore des vicomtes — se nomme Thomas, Pierre ou Jacques. Ce déplacement qui met le nom « élégant » sur le plébéien et le nom campagnard sur l’aristocrate n’est autre chose qu’un remous d’égalité. L’irrésistible pénétration du souffle nouveau est là comme en tout.
    : It is not rare for the neatherd's boy nowadays to bear the name of Arthur, Alfred, or Alphonse, and for the vicomte--if there are still any vicomtes--to be called Thomas, Pierre, or Jacques. This displacement, which places the "elegant" name on the plebeian and the rustic name on the aristocrat, is nothing else than an eddy of equality. The irresistible penetration of the new inspiration is there as everywhere else.
  18. (given name)

  19. (label) the Apostle|Thomas the Apostle.

  20. (given name) of Biblical origin.

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  22. (RQ:Malory Le Morte Darthur)

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