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  1. O

  1. oi

  2. Substantiivi

O englanniksi

  1. o

  2. Z

  1. The fifteenth letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. (non-gloss definition)

  3. success

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  5. O: a class of functions asymptotically bounded from above by a specific function, up to a constant factor

  6. group

  7. A wildcard for a rounded vowel or a back vowel

  8. synonyms: U

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  11. Something shaped like the letter O.

  12. A blood type that lacks A or B antigens and may only receive transfusions of similar type O blood, but may donate to all (neglecting Rh factor). Synonym: donor.

  13. (senseid) (non-gloss definition)

  14. ''O Death! O Death! Won't you spare me over till another year?'' - part of the refrain from the American folk song "A Conversation with Death".

  15. (RQ:Tyndale NT) Thynkeſt thou O man that iudgeſt them which do ſoche thyngꝭ and yet doſt evẽ the very ſame / that thou ſhalt eſcape the iudgemẽt of God?

  16. (RQ:Coleridge Notes on Macbet)

  17. O! the affecting beauty of the death of Cawdor, and the presentimental speech of the king: (..)
  18. (seemoreCites)

  19. Someone associated with Orient Football Club|Leyton Orient Football Club, as a player, coach, supporter etc.

  20. The number of overs bowled.

  21. Orgasm.

  22. (synonyms)

  23. (quote-newsgroup) tongue went deep inside of her, she had been eaten out before, but never this could, who ever was doing it was a real pro, and had to have the longest tongue in the world it was buried at least three inches inside of her and was taking long, hard strokes, it was trying to get even deeper, it was only seconds before she started shaking from her first O.

  24. (quote-newsgroup)

  25. Opium.

  26. 1952, ''Collier's: Incorporating Features of the American Magazine'' (page 22)

  27. We lay on our stomachs on the living-room floor in a circle around our host, a skinny little man who said he'd been smoking O for 20 years.
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  29. (surname).

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  32. The fifteenth letter in the Afar alphabet.

  33. O

  34. (zh-short)

  35. in a relationship

  36. camp

  37. (n-g)

  38. The fifteenth letter of the Dutch alphabet.

  39. (surname)

  40. 1904, certificate of marriage number 9 of 1904 of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (reproduced in: (cite-book))

  41. Op 10/02/1904 om 11:00 uur zijn voor ons Zacharias De Ro, schepen gehuwd: Theophilius O (..) enerzijds en anderzijds Maria Elisabetha Troucheau(nb..)
    : On February 10, 1904 at 11 am in the presence of ourselves, Zacharias De Ro, alderman, did marry: Theophilius O (..) on the one hand and on the other hand Maria Elisabetha Troucheau(nb..)
  42. (abbreviation of); east

  43. (abbreviation of); west

  44. the fifteenth letter of the French alphabet

  45. oeste, occidente (west)

  46. The fifteenth letter of the German alphabet.

  47. true.

  48. (Latn-def-lite)

  49. The 16th letter of the (w). Preceded by N and followed by P.

  50. the 16th letter of the Spanish alphabet

  51. (Latn-def-lite) ''It is preceded by (l) and followed by (l).''