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dot englannista suomeksi

  1. piste

  2. täplä

  3. merkitä piste

  4. happo

  5. sirotella, sirottaa

  6. pilkuttaa

  1. piste, täplä, pilkku

  2. piste

  3. piste, desimaalipiste, pilkku, desimaalipilkku Finnish uses comma instead of point

  4. Verbi

  5. Substantiivi

dot englanniksi

  1. DoT

  1. A small, round spot.

  2. ''a dot of colour''

  3. (quote-book)|chapter=Morte d’Arthur|title=Poems|url=|lines=269–272|passage=Long stood Sir Bedivere / Revolving many memories, till the hull / Look’d one black dot against the verge of dawn / And on the mere the wailing died away.

  4. A mark used to indicate the end of a sentence or an abbreviated part of a word; a stop; a period.

  5. A point used as a mark above or below various letters of the Latin script, as in Ȧ, Ạ, Ḅ, Ḃ, Ċ.

  6. A symbol used for separating the fractional part of a decimal number from the part, for indicating multiplication or a product, or for various other purposes.

  7. One of the two symbols used in code.

  8. (quote-journal)

  9. A lump or clot.

  10. Anything small and like a speck comparatively; a small portion or specimen.

  11. ''a dot of a child''

  12. A ball.

  13. (quote-web)

  14. buckshot, projectile from a "dotty" or shotgun

  15. (quote-song)

  16. (quote)
  17.  (clipping of)

  18. (quote-song)

  19. To cover with small spots (of some liquid).

  20. ''His jacket was dotted with splashes of paint.''

  21. To add a dot (the symbol) or dots to.

  22. Dot your ''i''s and cross your ''t''s.

  23. To mark by means of dots or small spots.

  24. ''to dot a line''

  25. To mark or diversify with small detached objects.

  26. ''to dot a landscape with cottages''

  27. To punch (a person).

  28. (quote-book)

  29. product|Dot product of the previous vector and the following vector.

  30. ''The work is equal to F dot Δx.''

  31. A dowry.

  32. 1919, (w), ''(w)'', Moon and Sixpence/Chapter LIII|chapter 53

  33. "Have you the pictures still?" I asked.
    "Yes; I am keeping them till my daughter is of marriageable age, and then I shall sell them. They will be her dot."
  34. 1927, Anna Bowman Dodd, ''Talleyrand: the Training of a Statesman'':

  35. As a bride, Madame de Talleyrand had brought a small dot of fifteen thousand francs to the family fund.
  36. "Can't" in negative sentences and "can" in interrogative ones. Can be added in sentences with (l) to add emphasis.

  37. (ux)

  38. dowry

  39. gift, talent

  40. a tuft, a bunch, a clump

  41. a lot, a large amount

  42. ''een dot geld'' - a lot of money

  43. cutie, something small and adorable

  44. darling, sweetie (almost always used in its diminutive form - dotje)

  45. a swab

  46. dowry, marriage portion

  47. (contraction of), for your (g)

  48. (l)

  49. to give (gloss)

  50. (ux) to nurse, breastfeed a child)|inline=1

    (ux) to wave, to greet someone, to shake hands, to hold hands)|inline=1

    (ux) provide you with food) in (your) old age?|inline=1

  51. to give, to provide (gloss)

  52. (ux) donate) blood, bone marrow|inline=1

  53. to give in marriage

  54. to allow (e.g., a son or daughter) to work, to be employed

  55. (ux) to allow a son to work as a shepherd)|inline=1

  56. to give, to grant, to procure, to secure (a state, circumstances)

  57. to give, to dedicate, to donate, to provide (at birth)

  58. (ux) from birth), or it remains unobtained (for one's) whole life|inline=1

  59. to allow, to permit

  60. (ux) allowed) me to drive by myself|inline=1

    (ux) to sign)|inline=1

    (ux) to report; to announce)|inline=1

  61. to be given, to be known from the start

  62. to give (to create, to inspire, to generate)

  63. (ux) to) fight|inline=1

    (ux) create, be) a reason|inline=1

  64. to give, to provide, to be the cause (of something)

  65. (ux) create) shade, a shadow (e.g., a tree)|inline=1

    (ux) what good is there in it for us?)|inline=1

  66. to give, to produce, to create

  67. (ux) to produce) above the plan|inline=1

    (ux) produced) many valuable paintings|inline=1

  68. to give, to pay

  69. (ux) fifteen hundred)|inline=1

  70. to give, to estimate as

  71. to hit

  72. (ux) to beat, to flog, to thrash)|inline=1

    (ux) hit) back, don't let (him) offend you!|inline=1

    (ux) dead)|inline=1

    (ux) I slapped his face)|inline=1

  73. to shoot, to give a shot

  74. (ux) shoot) (you) in the leg|inline=1

  75. (inflection of)

  76. nipple, teat

  77. daughter

  78. yonder, that way there (gloss)

  79. dead

  80. doubt