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symbol englannista suomeksi

  1. vertauskuva, merkki

  2. symboli

  1. Substantiivi

  2. merkki, symboli

  3. symboli, merkki, tunnus

  4. symboli

  5. Verbi

symbol englanniksi

  1. A character or glyph representing an idea, concept or object.

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  3. A thing considered the embodiment of a concept or object.

  4. A type of noun whereby the form refers to the same entity independently of the context; a symbol arbitrarily denotes a referent. See also icon and index.

  5. A summary of a dogmatic statement of faith.

  6. The numerical expression which defines a plane's position relative to the assumed axes.

  7. That which is thrown into a common fund; hence, an appointed or accustomed duty.

  8. (RQ:Taylor Eniautos) and come to pay their symbol in a war or in a plague.

  9. Share; allotment.

  10. (RQ:Taylor Eniautos) shall all appear to receive their symbol.

  11. An internal identifier used by a debugger to relate parts of the compiled program to the corresponding names in the code.

  12. A signalling event on a communications channel; a signal that cannot be further divided into meaningful information.

  13. To symbolize.

  14. (RQ:Tennyson Harold) They told me that the Holy Rood had lean'd / And bow'd above me; (..) / If it bow'd, whether it symbol'd ruin / Or glory, who shall tell?

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  17. symbol