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dead englannista suomeksi

  1. kaikumaton

  2. tunteeton

  3. eloton

  4. kuollut, vainajat

  5. tarpeeton, merkityksetön

  6. sammunut

  7. kertakaikkisen

  8. ehdottoman tarkka

  9. epäkunnossa oleva, epäkunnossa, rikki

  10. kuin seinään

  11. tyhjä

  12. kuolemanväsynyt

  13. turta

  14. täysin

  15. tuottamaton

  16. kimmoton

  17. pystyyn kuollut

  18. kylmin aika

  1. kuollut

  2. jähmettynyt

  3. tunteeton, tyly, kylmä

  4. kylmä, jännitteetön

  5. rikki

  6. tarpeeton, vanhentunut, käyttämätön

  7. ulkona

  8. turta

  9. täsmälleen, tismalleen, suoraan, tasan

  10. sairaan, kuoleman-">kuoleman-

  11. Substantiivi

  12. sydän


dead englanniksi

  1. No longer living. (q)

  2. 1968, Ray Thomas, "Legend of a Mind", The Moody Blues, ''In Search of the Lost Chord''.

  3. (quote)


    ''Have respect for the dead.''

    ''The villagers are mourning their dead.''

    ''The dead are always with us, in our hearts.''

  4. Devoid of life.

  5. (quote-book)

  6. Figuratively, not alive; lacking life.

  7. (quote-book)|title=(w)|section=Act III, Scene 3|passage=When a man's verses cannot be understood, nor a man's good wit seconded with the forward child, understanding, it strikes a man more dead than a great reckoning in a little room.

  8. So hated that they are absolutely ignored.

  9. Doomed; marked for death (literally or as a hyperbole).

  10. Without emotion.

  11. Stationary; static.

  12. Without interest to one of the senses; dull; flat.

  13. Unproductive.

  14. Completely inactive; currently without power; without a signal.

  15. (RQ:Gibson Neuromancer)

  16. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2008|platform=PC|scene=Normandy SR-1|isbn=9780784546642|oclc=246633669|text=Joker: Everything cuts out after that. No comm traffic at all. Just goes dead. There's nothing.

  17. Unable to emit power, being discharged (flat) or faulty.

  18. Broken or inoperable.

  19. No longer used or required.

  20. 1984, Winston Smock, ''Technical Writing for Beginners'', page 148:

  21. No mark of any kind should ever be made on a dead manuscript.
  22. 2017, Zhaomo Yang and Brian Johannesmeyer, "Dead Store Elimination (Still) Considered Harmful":

  23. In this paper, we survey the set of techniques found in the wild that are intended to prevent data-scrubbing operations from being removed during dead store elimination.
  24. Not imparting motion or power by design.

  25. Not in play.

  26. Lying so near the hole that the player is certain to hole it in the next stroke.

  27. Tagged out.

  28. Full and complete.

  29. Exact.

  30. Experiencing and needles (paresthesia).

  31. ''After sitting on my hands for a while, my arms became dead.''

  32. Constructed so as not to transmit sound; soundless.

  33. Bringing death; deadly.

  34. (RQ:Shakespeare King John)

  35. Cut off from the rights of a citizen; deprived of the power of enjoying the rights of property.

  36. Indifferent to, no longer subject to or ruled by (sin, guilt, pleasure, etc).

  37. 1839, William Jenks, ''The Comprehensive Commentary on the Holy Bible: Acts-Revelation'', page 361:

  38. ''He was dead to the law.'' Whatever account others might make of it, yet, for his part, he was dead to it. (..) But though he was thus ''dead to the law'', yet he (..) was far from thinking himself discharged from his duty to God' on the contrary, he was dead to the law, ''that he might live unto God''.
  39. 1849, Robert Haldane, ''Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans'', page 255:

  40. But he died to the guilt of sin—to the guilt of his people's sins which he had taken upon him; and they, dying with him, as is above declared, die to sin precisely in the same sense in which he died to it. (...) He was not justified from it till his resurrection, but from that moment he was dead to it. When he shall appear the second time, it will be "without sin."
  41. Exactly.

  42. ''dead right''; ''dead level''; ''dead flat''; ''dead straight''; ''dead left''

    ''He hit the target dead in the centre.''

  43. Very, absolutely, extremely.

  44. ''dead wrong''; ''dead set''; ''dead serious''; ''dead drunk''; ''dead broke''; ''dead earnest''; ''dead certain''; ''dead slow''; ''dead sure''; ''dead simple''; ''dead honest''; ''dead accurate''; ''dead easy''; ''dead scared''; ''dead solid''; ''dead black''; ''dead white''; ''dead empty''

  45. (quote-journal)

  46. Suddenly and completely.

  47. ''He stopped dead.''

  48. As if dead.

  49. ''dead tired''; ''dead quiet''; ''dead asleep''; ''dead pale''; ''dead cold''; ''dead still''

  50. (RQ:Dickens David Copperfield)

  51. (senseid) Time when coldness, darkness, or stillness is most intense.

  52. ''The dead of night.'' ''The dead of winter.''

  53. (senseid) Sterile mining waste, often present as many large rocks stacked inside the workings.

  54. (senseid) (clipping of)

  55. To prevent by disabling; stop.

  56. 1826, ''The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Edward Reynolds, Lord Bishop of Norwich'', collected by Edward Reynolds, Benedict Riveley, and Alexander Chalmers. pp. 227. London: B. Holdsworth.

  57. “What a man should do, when finds his natural impotency dead him in spiritual works”
  58. To make dead; to deaden; to deprive of life, force, or vigour.

  59. (RQ:Homer Chapman Odysseys)

  60. To kill.

  61. (quote-av)

  62. to succeed (in doing something well, "killing it")

  63. {{quote-song

  64. dead

  65. end

  66. death, state being dead, state of death