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decimal englannista suomeksi

  1. desimaali-

  2. kymmenys, desimaali

  3. desimaaliluku

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kymmenjärjestelmä

  3. desimaalinen

  4. Verbi

decimal englanniksi

  1. (phonetic alphabet)

  2. A number expressed in the base-ten system|system, a fractional numeral written in this system|system.

  3. (ux) as a decimal?

  4. The system itself.

  5. A place.

  6. (ux)

  7. A point.

  8. Concerning numbers expressed in decimal or mathematical calculations performed using decimal.

  9. To represent with numbers after a point.

  10. *1984 Robert William Dent, Proverbial Language in English Drama Exclusive of Shakespeare, 1495-1616: An Index

  11. Single- decimaled entries, often originating in Whiting (Wh) or Wilson (OW; see p. 23, fn.3), are from SPL. To save space, examples cited in SPL are normally not repeated (examples therefore begin with "Add:"). Double- decimaled entries, again often based on Wh or OW, are "new."
  12. *2001 Richard J. Harris A Primer of Multivariate Statistics page 54

  13. simplified, substantively interpretable versions of the optimal (but many-decimaled) linear combinations of your original variables
  14. *2015 Brad Knickerbocker, It’s Pi Day! Let’s have some pie. ''Christian Science Monitor''

  15. So naturally, 3/14 – the 14th of March – is celebrated as “Pi Day.” And since 3.14 is the beginning, not the end of Pi – it can be decimaled on out to infinity – and since the next two numbers are 1 and 5 voila! today’s date 3/14/15 is really special.
  16. (l)

  17. (l) (gloss)

  18. (l)

  19. decimal

  20. decimal (using ten digits 0-9)

  21. a place (digits expressing decimal fractions)