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shoot englannista suomeksi

  1. hukata

  2. laukaista

  3. viskata, singota, lyödä

  4. sännätä

  5. versoa

  6. ampua

  7. verso

  8. vihloa

  9. kutoa

  10. työntää

  11. metsästys

  12. kuvata

  13. törmätä

  14. laukoa

  15. ottaa korkeus

  16. syöstä

  17. heittää

  18. piikittää

  1. ampua, laukaista

  2. ampua

  3. + partitive object when injuring or genitive object when killing ampua

  4. verso, taimi

  5. kuvaus (monikko) / kuvaukset

shoot englanniksi

  1. To launch a projectile.

  2. To fire (a weapon that releases a projectile).

  3. (ux)

  4. To fire (a projectile).

  5. (syn)

  6. *(RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice)

  7. To fire a projectile at (a person or target).

  8. To cause a weapon to discharge a projectile.

  9. To hunt birds, etc. with a gun.

  10. (quote-book)

  11. To hunt on (a piece of land); to kill game in or on.

  12. To ejaculate.

  13. To begin to speak.

  14. To discharge a missile; said of a weapon.

  15. To dismiss or away with.

  16. To photograph.

  17. (ux)


  18. (quote-book)|year=2006|isbn=9780817442279|page=68|passage=I had the pleasure of shooting Arnold Newman while teaching across the hall from him at a summer photo workshop.

  19. To film.

  20. To push or thrust a bolt quickly; hence, to open a lock.

  21. To move or act quickly or suddenly.

  22. To move very quickly and suddenly.

  23. (RQ:Dryden Aenei)

  24. There shot a streaming lamp along the sky.
  25. 1884: (w), ''(w)'', Chapter VII

  26. It didn't take me long to get there. I shot past the head at a ripping rate, the current was so swift, and then I got into the dead water and landed on the side towards the Illinois shore.
  27. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=8|passage=Now we plunged into a deep shade with the boughs lacing each other overhead, and crossed dainty, rustic bridges...: or anon we shot into a clearing, with a colored glimpse of the lake and its curving shore far below us.

  28. To go over or pass quickly through.

  29. She ... shoots the Stygian sound.
  30. 2005, R. G. Crouch, ''The Coat: The Origin and Times of Doggett's Famous Wager'' (page 40)

  31. It was approaching the time when watermen would not shoot the bridge even without a passenger aboard.
  32. To tip (something, especially coal) down a chute.

  33. To penetrate, like a missile; to dart with a piercing sensation.

  34. (RQ:Addison Cato)

  35. Thy words shoot through my heart.
  36. To feel a quick, darting pain; to throb in pain.

  37. (RQ:Herbert Templ)

  38. These preachers make / His head to shoot and ache.
  39. To change form suddenly; especially, to solidify.

  40. (RQ:Bacon Sylva Sylvarum)

  41. 1802, (w), ''(w)'', Query VII.

  42. The north-east wind is loaded with vapor, insomuch, that the salt-makers have found that their crystals would not shoot while that blows.
  43. To send out or forth, especially with a rapid or sudden motion; to cast with the hand; to hurl; to discharge; to emit.

  44. c. 1608-1610, (w), ''The Coxcomb''

  45. an honest weaver as ever shot shuttle
  46. (RQ:Macaulay History of England)

  47. To send to someone.

  48. To act or achieve.

  49. To lunge.

  50. To deviate from kayfabe, either intentionally or accidentally; to actually connect with unchoreographed fighting blows and maneuvers, or speak one's mind (instead of an agreed script).

  51. To make the stated score.

  52. To measure the distance and direction to (a point).

  53. To inject a drug (such as heroin) intravenously.

  54. To develop, move forward.

  55. To germinate; to bud; to sprout.

  56. 1709, (w), ''Georgics''

  57. But the wild olive shoots, and shades the ungrateful plain.
  58. To grow; to advance.

  59. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  60. Well shot in years he seemed.
  61. 1728, (w), "Spring"

  62. Delightful task! to rear the tender thought, / To teach the young idea how to shoot.
  63. To move ahead by force of momentum, as a sailing vessel when the helm is put hard alee.

  64. To travel or ride on (breaking waves) rowards the shore.

  65. To push or thrust forward; to project; to protrude; often with ''out''.

  66. (RQ:KJV)

  67. They shoot out the lip, they shake the head.
  68. (RQ:Dryden Virgil)

  69. Beware the secret snake that shoots a sting.
  70. To protrude; to jut; to project; to extend.

  71. (quote-journal)|newspaper=(w)|archiveurl=|archivedate=5 October 2020|location=London|publisher=Media Group|Guardian News & Media|date=1 June 2019|issn=0261-3077|oclc=229952407|passage=There is 432 Park Avenue, a surreal square tube of white concrete that appears to shoot twice as high as anything around it, its endless Cartesian grid of windows framing worlds of solid marble bathtubs and climate-controlled wine cellars within.

  72. 1836, (w), ''(w)'' Chapter 49

  73. There shot up against the dark sky, tall, gaunt, straggling houses.
  74. To plane straight; to fit by planing.

  75. 1677, (w), ''Mechanick Exercises: Or, The Doctrine of Handy-works''

  76. two Pieces of Wood are Shot (that is Plained) or else they are Pared ... with a Pairing-chissel
  77. To variegate as if by sprinkling or intermingling; to color in spots or patches.(w)

  78. (RQ:Tennyson Dying Swa)

  79. The tangled water courses slept, / Shot over with purple, and green, and yellow.
  80. To the moon.

  81. To carry out, or attempt to carry out (an approach to an airport runway).

  82. The emerging stem and embryonic leaves of a new plant.

  83. (RQ:Evelyn Sylv)

  84. Prune off yet also superfluous branches, and shoots of this second spring.
  85. A photography session.

  86. A hunt or shooting competition.

  87. An event that is unscripted or legitimate.

  88. The act of shooting; the discharge of a missile; a shot.

  89. 1612, (w), ''(w)''

  90. One underneath his horse to get a shoot doth stalk.
  91. A rush of water; a rapid.

  92. A weft thread shot through the shed by the shuttle; a pick.

  93. A shoat; a young pig.

  94. A vein of ore running in the same general direction as the lode.

  95. 1901, Frank Lee Hess, report. Rare Metals. TIN, TUNGSTEN, AND TANTALUM IN SOUTH DAKOTA.

  96. In the western dike is a shoot about 4 feet in diameter carrying a considerable sprinkling of cassiterite, ore which in quantity would undoubtedly be worth mining. The shoot contains a large amount of muscovite mica with quartz and very little or no feldspar...


  97. An inclined plane, either artificial or natural, down which timber, coal, ore, etc., are caused to slide; a chute.

  98. 1891, New South Wales. Supreme Court, ''The New South Wales Law Reports'' (volume 12, page 238)

  99. That there was no evidence before the jury that at the time of the accident the timber shoot was worked by the defendant company.
  100. The act of taking all point cards in one hand.

  101. (non-gloss definition)

  102. ''Didn't you have a concert tonight?''

    ''Shoot! I forgot! I have to go and get ready...''