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punch englannista suomeksi

  1. tuurna, meisti, rei'ittäjä, rei'itin

  2. nyrkinisku

  3. lyödä nyrkillä, iskeä

  4. lävistää

  5. rei'ittää

  6. booli

  1. nyrkinisku

  2. isku

  3. iskunappula

  4. lyödä nyrkillä">lyödä nyrkillä

  5. painaa nappia">painaa nappia

  6. naputella

  7. tuupata

  8. rei’ittää

  9. lävistin, rei’ittäjä, rei’itin, tuurna, meisti

  10. rei’ittäjä, rei’itin

  11. reikä, läpi

  12. stanssata, meistää

  13. leimata

  14. booli, punssi

  15. Substantiivi

punch englanniksi

  1. A hit or strike with one's fist.

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  3. Power, strength, energy.

  4. Impact.

  5. To strike with one's fist.

  6. ''If she punches me, I'm gonna break her nose.''

  7. To herd.

  8. To operate (a device or system) by depressing a button, key, bar, or pedal, or by similar means.

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  11. To enter (information) on a device or system.

  12. To hit (a ball or similar object) with less than full force.

  13. ''He punched a hit into shallow left field.''

  14. To make holes in something (qualifier)

  15. To thrust against; to poke.

  16. ''to punch one with the end of a stick or the elbow''

  17. A device, generally slender and round, used for creating holes in thin material, for driving an object through a hole in a containing object, or to stamp or emboss a mark or design on a surface.

  18. A mechanism for punching holes in paper or other thin material.

  19. A hole or opening created with a punch.

  20. An extension piece applied to the top of a pile; a dolly.

  21. A prop, as for the roof of a mine.

  22. To employ a punch to create a hole in or stamp or emboss a mark on something.

  23. To mark a ticket.

  24. (senseid) A beverage, generally containing a mixture of fruit juice and some other beverage, often alcoholic.

  25. Any of various riodinid butterflies of the genus (taxlink) of Asia.

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  27. (l) (drink)

  28. punch (drink)