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fist englannista suomeksi

  1. nyrkki

  1. nyrkki, koura

  2. iskeä nyrkillä">iskeä nyrkillä, lyödä nyrkillä">lyödä nyrkillä, nyrkkeillä a ball

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

fist englanniksi

  1. A hand with the fingers clenched or curled inward.

  2. ''The boxer's fists rained down on his opponent in the last round.''

  3. The pointing hand symbol .

  4. The characteristic signaling rhythm of an individual telegraph or wave|CW operator when sending code.

  5. A person's characteristic handwriting.

  6. A group of men. (rfex)

  7. The talons of a of prey.

  8. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  9. An attempt at something.

  10. 2015, Daniel Taylor, ''Manchester City’s (w) too good for Chelsea as (w) labours'' (in ''The Guardian'', 16 August 2015)

  11. City look stronger, fitter and more motivated than last season and even at this early stage the gap feels like a sizeable advantage. Yes, it is way too early to make snap judgments about the impact on the title race. It has, however, been long enough to ascertain that (w)’s team are going to make a much better fist of it this time.
  12. 2005, Darryl N. Davis, ''Visions of Mind: Architectures for Cognition and Affect'', page 144:

  13. With the rise of cognitive neuroscience, the time may be coming when we can make a reasonable fist of mapping down from an understanding of the functional architecture of the mind to the structural architecture of the brain.
  14. To strike with the fist.

  15. ''...may not score a point with his open hand(s), but may score a point by fisting the ball.'' Damian Cullen. "Running the rule." ''The Irish Times'' 18 Aug 2003, pg. 52.

  16. To close (the hand) into a fist.

  17. 1969, Vladimir Nabokov, ''Ada or Ardor'', Penguin 2011, p. 29:

  18. He noticed Ada's trick of hiding her fingernails by fisting her hand or stretching it with the palm turned upward when helping herself to a biscuit.
  19. To grip with a fist.

  20. 1851, Melville|Herman Melville, ''Dick|Moby Dick'', 34|chapter 34

  21. I am an officer; but, how I wish I could fist a bit of old-fashioned beef in the fore-castle, as I used to when I was before the mast.
  22. To fist-fuck.

  23. To wind.

  24. The act of breaking wind; fise.

  25. A puffball.

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