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fart englannista suomeksi

  1. pieraista, piereskellä, pierrä

  2. pieru

  1. Verbi

  2. pieraista semelfactive, piereskellä frequentative or continuative, pierrä

  3. Substantiivi

  4. pieru, rupsu audible fart, tuhnu silent fart

  5. vanha pieru

fart englanniksi

  1. To emit digestive gases from the anus; to flatulate.

  2. (syn)

  3. (quote-book)

  4. To waste time with idle and inconsequential tasks; to go about one's activities in a lackadaisical manner; to be lazy or over-relaxed in one's manner or bearing.

  5. To emit (fumes, gases, etc.).

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  7. Above his head the funnel farted black soot into the sky.
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  9. We’ve been stuck behind a Ford Escort farting black smoke for ten minutes.
  10. An emission of digestive gases from the anus; a flatus. (defdate)

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  12. (RQ:Florio Montaigne Essayes).

  13. An irritating person; a fool.

  14. (usually as "fart") An elderly person; especially one perceived to hold old-fashioned views.

  15. stuffed

  16. up

  17. speed

  18. (uxi)

  19. (l) (gloss)

  20. trip; journey; trade.

  21. wax (gloss)

  22. (inflection of)

  23. (l), (l)

  24. movement, motion

  25. transportation

  26. high speed, vigor, drive

  27. (l), (l), (l)

  28. trip

  29. ride

  30. luck

  31. (ant)

  32. fluke; stroke of luck

  33. speed

  34. 1917, ''Bible'', Jeremiah 48:16:

  35. Snart kommer Moabs ofärd, och hans olycka hastar fram med fart.
    : Soon comes Moab’s calamity, and his misery hastes with speed.