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hit englannista suomeksi

  1. osua

  2. kuluttaa liikaa

  3. iskeä

  4. huumeannos, annos, satsi

  5. saavuttaa

  6. vahingoittaa

  7. tappaa

  8. osuma

  9. hyökätä

  10. tehdä pisteitä

  11. käynti

  12. isku

  13. soittaa

  14. palkkamurha

  15. törmätä

  16. hitti

  17. lyödä

  18. iskeä mieleen

  1. iskeä, lyödä

  2. murhata, tappaa

  3. käydä, mennä, pistäytyä

  4. tulla

  5. vaikeuttaa, vahingoittaa, haitata, kärsiä

  6. isku, lyönti

  7. hitti, menestys

  8. isku

  9. osuma

  10. käyntikerta

  11. hitti

  12. annos, satsi; klikki, töötti of intravenal drugs; lappu, trippi of LSD

  13. tilausmurha

  14. sivallus

  15. Substantiivi

hit englanniksi

  1. (ISO 639)

  2. ''To strike.''

  3. To administer a blow to, directly or with a weapon or missile.

  4. (ux)

  5. (RQ:Jefferies Amateur Poacher)

  6. 1922-1927, (w), ''(w)''

  7. He tried to hit me but I dodged the blow and went out to plot revenge.
  8. (RQ:Joyce Ulysses): (Shouts) Good, by the rumping jumping general! That's the best bit of news I heard these six weeks. Here, don't keep me waiting, damn you! (He slaps her face)(smallcaps): (Whimpers) You're after hitting me. I'll tell(nb..)

  9. 1934, (w), ''The Slugger's Game''

  10. I hunted him for half a hour, aiming to learn him to hit a man with a table-leg and then run, but I didn't find him.
  11. To come into contact with forcefully and suddenly.

  12. (RQ:Swift Gulliver's Travels)

  13. 1882, (w), ''Doctor Grimshawe's Secret: A romance''

  14. Meanwhile the street boys kept up a shower of mud balls, many of which hit the Doctor, while the rest were distributed upon his assailants.
  15. To strike against something.

  16. (RQ:Locke Malebranch)

  17. If bodies be extension alone, (..)how can they move and hit one against another?
  18. To activate a button or key by pressing and releasing it.

  19. To kill a person, usually on the instructions of a third party.

  20. 1973, Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola, ''The Godfather Part II'' (screenplay, second draft)

  21. FREDO: Mikey, why would they ever hit poor old Frankie Five-Angels? I loved that ole sonuvabitch.
  22. To attack, especially amphibiously.

  23. (label) To affect someone, as if dealing a blow to that person.

  24. (label) To manage to touch (a target) in the right place.

  25. ''I hit the jackpot.''


  26. To on.

  27. ''Somebody's been here! Hit the lights!''

  28. To briefly visit.

  29. To encounter an obstacle or other difficulty.

  30. (ux)(nowrap)

  31. ''To attain, to achieve.''

  32. To reach or achieve.

  33. (usex)

  34. 2012, August 1. Owen Gibson in Guardian Unlimited, http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/aug/01/london-2012-glover-stanning-gb-gold London 2012: rowers Glover and Stanning win Team GB's first gold medal:

  35. And her success with Glover, a product of the National Lottery-funded Sporting Giants talent identification programme, will also spark relief among British officials who were starting to fret a little about hitting their target of equalling fourth in the medal table from Beijing.
  36. To meet or reach what was aimed at or desired; to succeed, often by luck.

  37. *(RQ:Shakespeare All's Well)

  38. (RQ:Swift On Poetry)

  39. To guess; to light upon or discover.

  40. (RQ:Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew)

  41. To affect negatively.

  42. To attack.

  43. (quote-web)

  44. ''To make a play.''

  45. In blackjack, to deal a card to.

  46. To come up to bat.

  47. To take up, or replace by a piece belonging to the opposing player; said of a single unprotected piece on a point.

  48. To use; to connect to.

  49. To have sex with.

  50. ''I'd hit that!''

  51. To inhale an amount of smoke from a narcotic substance, particularly marijuana.

  52. (quote-song)

  53. (of an exercise) to affect, to work a part.

  54. to out

  55. A blow; a punch; a striking against; the collision of one body against another; the stroke that touches anything.

  56. (RQ:Dryden Juvenal Satires)

  57. ''The hit was very slight.''

  58. (senseid) Something very successful, such as a song, film, or game, that receives widespread recognition and acclaim.

  59. {{quote-journal|en|year=1848|journal=The Musical World|volume=23|title=Her Majesty's Theatre

  60. (quote-journal)

  61. An attack on a location, person or people.

  62. A collision of a projectile with the target.

  63. In the game of ''(game)|Battleship'', a correct guess at where one's opponent ship is.

  64. A match found by searching a computer system or engine

  65. A measured visit to a site, a request for a single file from a web server.

  66. ''My site received twice as many hits after being listed in a engine.''

  67. An approximately correct answer in a set.

  68. The complete play, when the batter reaches base without the benefit of a walk, error, or fielder’s choice.

  69. ''The catcher got a hit to lead off the fifth.''

  70. A dose of an illegal or addictive drug.

  71. ''Where am I going to get my next hit?''

  72. A premeditated murder done for criminal or political purposes.

  73. A peculiarly apt expression or turn of thought; a phrase which hits the mark.

  74. ''a happy hit''

  75. (RQ:Pope Essay on Man)

  76. A move that throws one of the opponent's men back to the entering point.

  77. A game won after the adversary has removed some of his men. It counts for less than a gammon.

  78. Very successful.

  79. ''The band played their hit song to the delight of the fans.''

  80. (l).

  81. 1922, Philip Gengembre Hubert, The Atlantic monthly, Volume 130:

  82. But how hit was to come about didn't appear.
  83. 1998, Nancy A. Walker, What's so funny?: humor in American culture:

  84. Now, George, grease it good, an' let hit slide down the hill hits own way.
  85. today

  86. (uxi)

  87. (l) (gloss)

  88. (syn)

  89. {{quote-journal|ca|journal=Time Out Barcelona|page=8|column=Sèries|volume=583|date=February 6 2020

  90. we, us (inclusive)

  91. (l); popular

  92. hit (a success, especially in the entertainment industry)

  93. (l) (q)

  94. A (l) song, a very popular and successful song.

  95. A success, something popular and successful (q).

  96. A pony.

  97. Any pony or small horse.

  98. faith, belief

  99. oath, of honour (gloss) and (m)

  100. here

  101. this

  102. something popular (book, song, band, country)

  103. (alternative form of)

  104. (senseid) (n-g) (l)

  105. (n-g) (l), (l)

  106. (n-g) (l)

  107. (n-g) it

  108. (RQ:William of Palerne)

  109. here (gloss)

  110. a leather bag (usually made from a hide in a single piece)

  111. (ngd)

  112. it

  113. (infl of)

  114. until

  115. (l) (gl)

  116. (l) (a success, especially in the entertainment industry)

  117. hit (gloss)

  118. here; to here, hither

  119. (ant)

  120. (l); something very popular. (A book, a movie, a song, ...)

  121. heat, warmth