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batter englannista suomeksi

  1. tehdä syvennys

  2. tiristystaikina, taikina, lettutaikina

  3. batter, lyöjä

  4. pahoinpidellä, mukiloida

  5. jyskyttää

  1. hakata, pahoinpidellä, piestä

  2. leivittää, paneroida

  3. taikina, kakkutaikina, lettutaikina, tiristystaikina, frityyritaikina

  4. ryyppyputki

  5. rinne

  6. lyöjä

  7. Verbi

  8. Substantiivi

batter englanniksi

  1. To hit or strike violently and repeatedly.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  4. To coat with batter (the food ingredient).

  5. To defeat soundly; to thrash.

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  7. (quote-journal) scores hat-trick as England hit Panama for six to secure World Cup knock-out qualification|Telegraph (UK)|retrieved=24 June 2018|text=There have been so many times when England were such a tactically flat, stressed-out bunch that they could squeeze the joy out of battering even the meekest opposition, so at times against Panama you had to rub your eyes at the general levels of fun being had.

  8. To intoxicate.

  9. To flatten (metal) by hammering, so as to compress it inwardly and spread it outwardly.

  10. A beaten mixture of flour and liquid (usually egg and milk), used for baking (e.g. pancakes, cake, or pudding) or to coat food (e.g. fish) prior to frying.

  11. A binge; a heavy drinking session.

  12. A paste of clay or loam.

  13. (RQ:Pliny Holland Historie of the World)

  14. A bruise on the face of a plate or of type in the form.

  15. 1881, ''The Printing Times and Lithographer'' (page 251)

  16. In repairing batters at the edges of the plate, when the bevel has been torn away by the catches, &c., it is necessary to solder a piece of metal along the side.
  17. To slope (of walls, buildings etc.).

  18. An incline on the outer face of a built wall.

  19. The player attempting to hit the ball with a bat.

  20. A player of the batting side now on the field.

  21. The player now receiving strike; the striker.

  22. Any player selected for his or her team principally to bat, as opposed to a bowler.

  23. 2015, Brendon McCullum, ESPNcricnfo

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  27. to bat

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  29. bitter

  30. To beat.

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  32. A glue; paste.