suomi-englanti sanakirja

hakata englanniksi

  1. beat

  2. thrash

  3. hack

  4. deck

  5. hew out

  6. biff

  7. pound

  8. break up, pick

  9. beat up, work over

  10. paste

  11. lumber

  12. bludgeon

  13. clobber

  14. bang out

  15. hew

  16. chop

  17. whomp

  1. (et-verb form of)

  2. to hit something repeatedly, as a nail with a hammer or a log with an axe

  3. to beat somebody up

  4. to cut a tree, to fell trees

  5. to bill (to work with a billhook)

  6. to chop, often with (m) (to sever with an axe or similar tool)

  7. to chop (to cut into pieces, such as vegetables)

  8. to beat (to win somebody with a considerable margin)

  9. to beat (to be better in something than somebody else)

  10. ''Matti hakkaa Pekan matematiikassa.''

    Matti beats Pekka in mathematics.

  11. to beat (to play certain musical instruments, such as drums or piano, with a great fervor)