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web englannista suomeksi

  1. verkko, seitti
  2. räpylä
  3. ristikko
  4. webbi
  5. verkosto
  6. kutoa
  1. Substantiivi

  2. verkosto

  3. verkko

  4. ristikko, punos

  5. varsi

  6. räpylä

  7. nauha, rata

  8. raina

  9. Verbi

web englanniksi

  1. The silken structure which a spider builds using silk secreted from the spinnerets at the caudal tip of its abdomen; a spiderweb.Image:Spinnennetz im Gegenlicht.jpg|thumb|right|A spider's web

  2. ''The sunlight glistened in the dew on the web.''

  3. Any interconnected set of persons, places, or things, which when diagrammed resembles a spider's web.

  4. (quote-book)|chapter=Main Street|title=(w)|location=Boston|publisher=Ticknor, Reed,and Fields|year_published=1852|page=96|pgeurl=https://archive.org/stream/snowimageandothe00hawtrichpage/96|passage=(..)but the blame must rest on the sombre spirit of our forefathers, who wove their web of life with hardly a single thread of rose-color or gold, and not on me, who have a tropic-love of sunshine, and would gladly gild all the world with it, if I knew where to find so much.

  5. (quote-book)|chapter=Birth, Parentage, and Education of Columbus|title=(w)|volume=I|location=Paris|publisher=A. and W. Galignani|page=5|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=uIADAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA5|passage=The time of his birth, his birth-place, his parentage, are all involved in obscurity ; and such has been the perplexing ingenuity of commentators, that it is difficult to extricate the truth from the web of conjectures with which it is interwoven.

  6. ''Specifically'', the Wide Web (often capitalized Web).

  7. ''Let me search the web for that.''

  8. The part of a baseball mitt between the forefinger and thumb, the webbing. glove.png|thumb|right|A baseball glove, with a web between the thumb and forefinger

  9. ''He caught the ball in the web.''

  10. A latticed or woven structure.

  11. ''The gazebo's roof was a web made of thin strips of wood.''

  12. (quote-book)|chapter=New Netherland|title=History of the United States of America, from the Discovery of the American Continent|volume=II|edition=21st|location=Boston|publisher=Little, Brown, and Company|page=281|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=AYMlAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA279|passage=The colonists were forbidden to manufacture any woollen, or linen, or cotton fabrics ; not a web might be woven, not a shuttle thrown, on penalty of exile.

  13. The interconnection between flanges in structural members, increasing the effective arm and so the load capacity of the member.

  14. The thinner vertical section of a railway rail between the top (head) and bottom (foot) of the rail. profile.svg|thumb|right|Profile of flat-bottomed and bullhead railway rail showing the web

  15. A fold of tissue connecting the toes of certain birds, or of other animals.

  16. The series of barbs implanted on each side of the shaft of a feather, whether stiff and united together by barbules, as in ordinary feathers, or soft and separate, as in downy feathers.

  17. A continuous strip of material carried by rollers during processing.

  18. A long sheet of paper which is fed from a roll into a printing press, as opposed to individual sheets of paper.

  19. A band of webbing used to regulate the extension of the hood of a carriage.

  20. A thin metal sheet, plate, or strip, as of lead.

  21. (quote-book), transl.|title=Godfrey of Bulloigne: Or, The Recouerie of Ierusalem|location=London|publisher=Ar. Hatfield|type=translation|original=(w)|by=(w)|section=book X, stanza 26|page=184|pageurl=https://archive.org/stream/godfreyofbulloig00tass_0page/184|passage=(..)And there with ſtately pompe by heapes they wend, / And Chriſtians ſlaine rolle vp in webs of lead(..)

  22. The blade of a sword.

  23. (quote-book), transl.|title=Godfrey of Bulloigne: Or, The Recouerie of Ierusalem|location=London|publisher=Ar. Hatfield|type=translation|original=(w)|by=(w)|section=book II, stanza 93|page=38|pageurl=https://archive.org/stream/godfreyofbulloig00tass_0page/38|passage=''Argant'' a ſword, whereof the web was ſteele, / Pommell, rich ſtone ; hilts, gold, approu’d by tuch, / With rareſt workmanſhip all forged weele, / The curious art exceld the ſubſtance much.

  24. The blade of a saw.

  25. The thin, sharp part of a colter.

  26. The bit of a key.

  27. (alternative case form of): the Wide Web.

  28. ''I found it on the web.''

  29. To construct or form a web.

  30. To cover with a web or network.

  31. (quote-journal)

  32. To ensnare or entangle.

  33. To provide with a web.

  34. To weave.

  35. (quote-book)|translation=Likewise, that the weaver who is to weave any woollen yarn to be woven into cloth shall weave it well.

  36. (l), net, internet

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  39. the Wide Web

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  42. (l) (Internet)

  43. web (Internet)

  44. the Internet

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  47. the (l)

  48. web (gloss)

  49. webpage, website