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foot englannista suomeksi

  1. alapää, jalkopää, tyvi, alaosa

  2. laskea yhteen

  3. jalka

  4. kävellä

  5. juuri, alareuna

  6. jalkaterä

  7. kulkea jalkaisin

  8. maksaa

  9. runojalka

  10. kavio, tassu, käpälä

  11. vakoilija

  12. jalkaväki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. jalka, jalkaterä

  3. jalka, käpälä, tassu, koipi

  4. juuri, tyvi; alaosa; jalka, jalusta

  5. jalka

  6. alaliikki

  7. Verbi

  8. potkaista, kenkäistä

  9. maksaa

foot englanniksi

  1. A biological structure found in many animals that is used for locomotion and that is frequently a separate organ at the terminal part of the leg.

  2. (ux)

  3. Specifically, a human foot, which is found below the ankle and is used for standing and walking.

  4. (RQ:King James Version)

  5. Travel by walking.

  6. The base or bottom of anything.

  7. The part of a flat surface on which the feet customarily rest.

  8. The end of a rectangular table opposite the head.

  9. A short foot-like projection on the bottom of an object to support it.

  10. (senseid) A unit of measure equal to twelve inches or one third of a yard, equal to exactly 30.48 centimetres.

  11. (quote-book)|title=(w)

  12. A unit of measure for organ pipes equal to the wavelength of two octaves above C, approximately 328 mm.

  13. Foot soldiers; infantry.

  14. (RQ:Clarendon History)

  15. The end of a cigar which is lit, and usually cut before lighting.

  16. The part of a machine which presses downward on the fabric, and may also serve to move it forward.

  17. The bottommost part of a typed or printed page.

  18. The base of a piece of type, forming the sides of the groove.

  19. The basic measure of rhythm in a poem.

  20. The parsing of syllables into prosodic constituents, which are used to determine the placement of stress in languages along with the notions of constituent heads.

  21. The bottom edge of a sail.

  22. The end of a billiard or pool table behind the foot point where the balls are racked.

  23. In a bryophyte, that portion of a sporophyte which remains embedded within and attached to the parent gametophyte plant.

  24. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  25. The muscular part of a bivalve mollusc or a gastropod by which it moves or holds its position on a surface.

  26. The globular lower domain of a protein.

  27. The point of intersection of one line with another that is perpendicular to it.

  28. Fundamental principle; basis; plan.

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  30. Answer directly upon the foot of dry reason.
  31. Recognized condition; rank; footing.

  32. May 20, 1742, (w), ''letter to Horace Mann''

  33. As to his being on the foot of a servant.
  34. To use the foot to kick (usually a ball).

  35. To pay (a bill).

  36. To tread to measure of music; to dance; to trip; to skip.

  37. 1836, (w), ''The Phantom'', Act 1 (''Dramas 2'', p.217)

  38. There's time enough, I hope, To foot a measure with the bonnie bride,
  39. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  40. To walk.

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  42. To foot on; to walk on.

  43. *(quote-book)|Kensington Gardens|passage=(..) Or shepherd-boy, they featly foot the green

  44. *1937, (w), ''Their Eyes Were Watching God'', Amistad 2013, p. 84:

  45. People who would not have dared to foot the place before crept in and did not come to the house.
  46. To set on foot; to establish; to land.

  47. (RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  48. To renew the foot of (a stocking, etc.).

  49. 19th century, (w), ''Henry the Fourth Part 1'' (modern edited version)

  50. (quote)
  51. To sum up, as the numbers in a column; sometimes with ''up''.

  52. football; football, soccer

  53. (alternative form of)