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bit englannista suomeksi

  1. kappale, osa, pala

  2. kuolaimet

  3. hitunen

  4. bitti

  5. hieman, vähän, hiukkasen

  6. poranterä

  7. palanen

  8. murunen

  9. avaimen lehti

  10. hetki

  1. kuolain, kuolaimet (monikko)

  2. poranterä

  3. kahdeksasosadollari">kahdeksasosadollari

  4. pala, palanen; osa, osuus small amount of work

  5. hetki

  6. osa

  7. pala, palanen; annos

  8. jonkinlainen

  9. kakku

  10. juttu

  11. haitta

  12. höylänterä

  13. bitti

  14. Substantiivi

  15. Verbi

bit englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A piece of metal placed in a horse's mouth and connected to the reins to direct the animal.

  2. (ux)

  3. A rotary cutting tool fitted to a drill, used to bore holes.

  4. A coin of a specified value.

  5. A ten-cent piece, dime.

  6. {{quote-text|en|year=1941|author=Emily Carr|title=Klee Wyck|url=|chapter=10

  7. A unit of currency or coin in the Americas worth a fraction of a Spanish dollar; now specifically, an eighth of a US dollar.

  8. {{quote-text|en|year=1789|author=Olaudah Equiano|title=The Interesting Narrative|volume=I|chapter=6

  9. (RQ:Pynchon Crying Lot)

  10. (senseid) In the southern and southwestern states, a small silver coin (such as the real) formerly current; commonly, one worth about 12½ cents; also, the sum of 12½ cents.

  11. A small amount of something.

  12. (RQ:Allingham China Governess)

  13. ''Specifically'', a small amount of time.

  14. Fractions of a second.

  15. A portion of something.

  16. {{quote-journal|en|year=2013|month=July-August|author=Catherine Clabby

  17. Somewhat; something, but not very great; also used like jot and whit to express the smallest degree. See also ''bit''.

  18. T. Hook

  19. My young companion was a bit of a poet.
  20. A prison sentence, especially a short one.

  21. (quote-journal)

  22. (quote-book)

  23. (anchor) An excerpt of material making up part of a show, comedy routine, etc.

  24. A gag or put-on; a humorous conceit, especially when insistently presented as true.

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  26. (senseid) The part of a key which enters the lock and acts upon the bolt and tumblers(R:Knight AM).

  27. The cutting iron of a plane(R:Knight AM).

  28. The bevelled front edge of an axehead along which the cutting edge runs.

  29. A gag of a style similar to a bridle.

  30. A gun.

  31. (quote-av)): Oi! TROJAN (played by Jean-Paul Van Cauwelaert): Ronnie. {…} TROJAN: Now that is a SIG Sauer P226.

  32. To put a bridle upon; to put the bit in the mouth of (a horse).

  33. (infl of)

  34. ''Your dog bit me!''

  35. (inflection of), bitten

  36. ''I have been bit by your dog!''

  37. Having been bitten.

  38. (senseid) A digit, generally represented as a 1 or 0.

  39. The smallest unit of storage in a computer, consisting of a binary digit.

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  41. (senseid) Any datum that may take on one of exactly two values.

  42. A of measure for entropy.

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  44. A (l), or a millionth of a (l) (0.000001 BTC).

  45. louse (C)

  46. (l)

  47. bit (gloss)

  48. (l)

  49. (l) (gloss)

  50. (l), smallest unit of storage.

  51. ''vulgaris'', (vern), beetroot, beet, and chard.

  52. louse

  53. sun

  54. beat

  55. a (l), (l) (q)

  56. a (l) (''binary digit'')

  57. a bite (''e.g. insect bite, dog bite'')

  58. a bite, mouthful (''of food'')

  59. (inflection of)

  60. (l) (gl)

  61. (coi)

  62. beat (gl)

  63. beat (gl)

  64. bit

  65. beat (gl)

  66. until

  67. until, to

  68. Little.

  69. {{quote-text|sco|year=1889|author=Jessup Whitehead|title=The Steward's Handbook and Guide to Party Catering|page=439

  70. {{quote-text|sco|year=1902|author=John Buchan|title=The Outgoing of the Tide

  71. essence

  72. point, meaning

  73. bit

  74. to be

  75. (l) (gloss)

  76. bit, a piece (gloss)

  77. bit (gloss)

  78. bit, a tune (gloss)

  79. (verb form of)

  80. louse

  81. bit

  82. (tr-verb form of)

  83. bit

  84. duck

  85. pen; pencil; writing implement

  86. (n-g)

  87. (n-g) bolt of